Chairs I Want My Bottom To Meet

I think I might have mentioned that I like Mid-century modern furniture on here, ooh – maybe once or twice?!!

I started to admire this period’s furnishings around 5-7 years ago, or maybe I just finally realised the term (M.C.M) and researched the history of a lot of the pieces that I had long coveted back then?

Then the stars aligned for me almost three years ago, when we moved into our 1950’s house and a lot of the cheap furniture we had previously bought just because we needed it, was falling apart and needed replacing (you get what you pay for folks). So it was the perfect opportunity for me to go to town and decorate the ***k out of our house.

I also must mention (again!) that I am the main decision maker when it comes to the decorating in our household, and luckily Rob (mostly) likes my choices. If not then too bad! Although I have threatened mentioned to him that I quite fancy getting some lacy doilies for the bedroom! Think granny chic people! – The poor guy!

Rob said the most wonderful thing to me the other day. We were talking about our dining room chairs, and he basically said that he wished we did not buy the cheapest copies that we could find, that we waited instead and saved up to buy the fiberglass versions. He also said that he would always want Eames DSW chairs for our dining table. OMG! I just melted! That was the most romantic thing he has ever said to me! OK it isn’t really, but its probably the best thing to ever come out of his mouth that I have wanted to hear! It was music to my ears! – Yeah, I am a bit odd!

Anyhoo, my point to this blog post is that you know how you always have wish lists? Be it places to visit, things to cook, or cars etc? We, well mainly me, have a furniture wish list.

I am a bit of an interiors/furnishings geek and happily, since moving house I have crossed a lot of items from my wish list, like a teak sideboard, an Eames rocker, and a G plan astro coffee table. But its always fun to daydream, and some of the items on my lust list will never fit into our house or budget. They include an Ercol loveseat, a pink Smeg fridge, a 50’s kitchen unit/dresser type thing and some string shelving for me. It is a massive shed/workshop, a scalextric room, a massive TV and a more masculine bedroom for Rob BTW.

The seat of dreams. If only my arse could be so lucky. Click on image for source.

We both mutually agreed that at the top of our furniture wish list is an Eames lounge Chair and this has been our number one aspirational object for a long time. Alas, we are not going to own one any time soon, for one main reason – space. Forgetting about the cost of them for a minute. Yes, we do have a sizable lounge, but we also have two sizable settees in it and two doorways, so it is just not going to happen. No can do, sorry.

But recently the Eames lounger has been relegated to the number two position on the list (well for me anyway). It has been knocked off the top position by the papa bear chair.

Sigh! My fickle heart has fallen for this chair in a bad way! It was designed in 1951 by Hans J Wegner and in my eyes is the stuff of dreams!

click on image for source

I am a long time admirer of M.C.M, but I have only recently come across this chair! I first spotted two of them in this post here. In Rachel Griffiths‘s home, randomly.

Image from Apartment Therapy
Image from Apartment Therapy

It was love at first sight. And I now got it bad. I look out for them in all the home tours I come across online, just to try to catch a glimpse of one. And every so often I will google image stalk them like some dirty chair pervert!

Yes, I am mildly obsessed with this chair and I would love to own one. But it is not to be, from what I can gather originals are quite rare, plus we have no room for it. This is a kind of “if I ever win the lottery” type of situation here. A girl can dream!

Will Ferrell has one in the bedroom. Click on image for source.
Will Ferrell has one in the bedroom. Click on image for source.

So why have I fallen hard for this chair? Its a combination of its name (how cute and appropriate – it does look like a bear!) and its shape. It has just the right amount of M.C.M signature curves and tapered legs, and yet it somehow seems to have a slight Addams family-esq vibe about it. – Well I think so anyway! This is a very good thing in my book BTW.

Plus every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to have an Eames lounger these days. And why would we want to kick back on a super comfy lounger, when we can have a slightly rigid, strange chair in our lounge I ask you!

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