Camping At Kingsdown, Nr Deal

At long last I had a weekend off, so Rob and I managed a quickie.

Thats a quick local camping trip for one night only. In case you were wondering!

We headed down to a cute looking campsite with sea views in Kingsdown near Deal in Kent. What can I say really, it was lovely and we had a wonderful time. The site was great, the village and its three pubs were great, the beach was a five minute walk away, the food was great, the Kelly Kettle was great. So yeah, it was all great!

Did you hear me mention Kelly Kettle, you say?

Yup thats right, Rob twisted my arm and persuaded me to part with my hard earned cash and buy him one as an early Xmas present (and his only Xmas present). It was a success! We both love it and drank far too many mugs of de-caff coffee (as we forgot to pack any teabags!) Its such a simple thing, but foraging for dry grass and twigs to light a fire is pure fun, and taps into our inner girl guide/scout/caveman/cavewoman instincts. It just added another element to our camping experience and if you are into the great outdoors, I recommend that you treat yourself to one.

As well as hot drink making, we also walked the 3 odd miles along the coastal path by the shingle seafront to Deal (stopping at a pub, of course) and back. We ate lovely meal in a local pub and then sat around a campfire, supping hot cups of coffee by our van for the evening.

Fingers crossed that we might be able to manage one or two more quickie camping trips before winter is upon us!van spotkelly kettleIMG_7459IMG_7460cliffbeachpretty housesboat

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