Campervan Update

I am the bearer of very good news! The camper van passed its MOT on Saturday!!!!! Wheeee – how pleased are we! It only had 3 minor advisories – much better than the 18 fails it had last time!

The van has been off the road for 5 years and has sat (SORN) on our driveway for the 2 odd years since we bought it.

Rob has been working really hard on it and has learnt how to weld and so far has done most of the work on it himself (he wanted to be a mechanic when he grew up, but instead became a web developer/graphic designer). The boy does love to tinker with a greasy engine!

He has also been bugging me to do a blog post about the work he has done so far. I will do my best to talk you through it. But please be warned I know nothing about cars. I leave that all stuff to Rob.

The van how we bought it.beforeThe passenger side step still needs some repairs, but it is legal to drive the vehicle like this (yey!) and it needs some deep cleaning as you can see below.passenger step

Rob has put some insulation on the inside.Inside

And done loads of repairs (technical term). See below.during

And painted and sealed the interior floor.shiny floor

On Tuesday (when the tax disc turned up in the post) we went for a drive! Unfortunately after Rob had dropped me off, he returned home and pranged the fence post at the end of our driveway. Whoops!

To be fair, we have a very tight entrance angle (another thing on our house to sort list) and he did not have me to stand behind and wave my hands about pretending (as usual) that I know what I am doing, when I am directing him into awkward parking spaces!

So here is a picture of the damage and a few more to follow to show how he repaired it (clever boy).whoopsy

He hammered the dent out. And then done a load of other stuff to it (technical term).hammertime

fillerwhat dentI bet you are probably at this point wondering why is the van blue/red/yellow? Just what colour is it? Well its from the rust protector and primer sprays. Eventually the van will be bright orange!

I am so excited! Even though I cannot drive and have no intention of learning anytime soon, I have always wanted a orange car. Its because you don’t see many vehicles in that colour and you cannot help but be happy driving (or being driven) in an orange car! Well, soon I can cross that off my almost impossible wish list, as we are going to paint it orange – whey hey!

We ordered some metal paint online and here is a snap of the colour. It is a lot brighter than it looked on the website, but, who cares! This is a fun car for day trips and holidays, so why not blind dazzle people when we drive by!badass orange

It should look something like this soon, just without the pop top. Although we could put one on if we wanted to…………

click on image for source.
click on image for source.

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