Campervan Progress

Since I last talked about our campervan on here, things have been changing almost daily. We have a mad rush on preparing it to go to Glastonbury in. Its a bit hectic, but very exciting!

Here is a little background knowledge on the history of our camper van for those who are new to my blog.

  • Our van is a 1984 T25 VW we named Ernie (we changed our minds again from Jasper at the very last minute!)
  • We purchased him from a friend of a friend in February 2011 for £750.
  • When we bought it, the van had been SORN off the road for 3.5 years and was being used as a garden shed (literally – it was full to the brim with kids toys!)
  • It then sat on our driveway immobile for two years, while we saved up the funds to work on the massive restoration project.
  • During that time Rob and I became a little frustrated with owning a campervan that we could not use. It just sat there getting rusty(er) on our driveway. It did not help that we have friends who also own campervans, that we saw using and enjoying theirs. We had a bad case of campervan envy! We were so near, yet so far! We got a little impatient and almost gave up on ours, and looked at other, quicker options. We decided it was best to invest our limited funds in fixing Ernie up, rather than buy a alternative overpriced van with a MOT. Plus ours will be exactly how we want it! If our camper van was a property, Sarah Beeny would be very proud of us!
  • In January 2013 the van passed its MOT on its second attempt, after lots of hard work from Rob, who learnt to weld for the project. He has driven and fixed up old VW’s for almost 20 years. Before I met him, he rebuilt his old Beetle’s engine from scratch. Said engine did catch fire, but lets not talk about that part.
  • So after 5 years, the van is back on the road again. It still has the original 1984 engine in it, and we have experienced a few small teething problems (mainly with electrical stuff and the gears). We have been trying to drive it as much as possible to iron out any kinks before we make our long journey down to Somerset.
  • We have repainted the exterior, cleaned up and repined the headliner (fabric stuff on the roof), cleaned the windows (it made such a difference), put sound proofing fabric on the panels inside, put some nice carpets around the front seats, put some new wheels on it with shiny alloy type things that boys seem to like.

    The wall lining stuff
    The wall lining
The rear end inside currently
The rear end inside currently, before the windows were cleaned up!
Looking good! Lets hope its not a muddy year at Glastonbury
Interior lighting. Battery powered from The Range!
Interior lighting. Battery powered from The Range and fixed on the wall by a hook and magnets!
The exterior stickered up
The exterior stickered up
All made by Rob's fair hand. The crafty so and so.
All made by Rob’s fair hand. He is a crafty so and so.
Another photo, just indulge me here!
Yet another photo, just indulge me here!

Still to do –

  • The interior furnishings. Its currently being built by a chippie friend. In the mean time we have borrowed a futon to chuck in the back, just in case its not ready for Glasto (I don’t care about roughing it – I love camping! I will admit that I am going to miss using our tent!).
  • New front seats as the current ones are ripped and tatty.
  • Tint the windows (Rob wants to pimp it up).
  • Fit the tracker device thing Rob bought as VW vans are targeted by thieves.
  • Sort the gears out (this is technical stuff I let Rob worry about).
  • Sew and fit the curtains.
  • Buy a nice awning to eventually replace the damaged one that a friend kindly gave to us, but needs some repairs.
  • Repair the awning for Glasto.
  • Buy a potty thingy for me when I am being a princess about using the Glastonbury toilets for a number 2 (sorry that’s way TMI!!)
  • Buy a stereo.
  • Scavenge the local chazzas for vintage tat treasures to embelish the van.
  • And loads more things I have probably forgotten!

It has been a long journey to get to the point where we are with our van right now. I guess two years might not seem a long time in the big scheme of things, but we have been together for 11.5 years and we have been talking about owning a campervan for pretty much the duration of our relationship, so Ernie has been a very long time coming.

I cant wait to drive off into the sunset arguing about who’s music to listen too, who is to blame for us getting lost (Its Rob BTW. Always) and who forgot to pack the bottle opener etc!

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