Campervan Bottom Drawer

I have briefly mentioned on here that Rob and I own a VW campervan. We are the proud owners of a 1984 type 25 van, which are unfortunately not as “cool” or as “glamping”-like as the more sought after 1970’s bay window or 1960’s split screen vans, not that we care! We are still undecided on the name for him (yes the van is a he because it is dirty, greasy and very rough around the edges!) The undetermined name is currently between Steve and Eddie at the moment! I promise at some point to introduce our van in a future blog post.

I was browsing in a charity shop the other day when these four Pyrex stacking mugs caught my eye. I bought them to put in my campervan bottom drawer as they will fit in perfectly with our future orange colour scheme when we have finished renovating the van. Plus I love me some vintage Pyrex!

Bought for £2
It was snowy outside!
This is a glimpse into our dining room!
the leaning tower of Pyrex!

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