Burn Baby Burn

Yesterday we had a burn up in the garden using our upcycled incinerator made from an old washing machine drum.

I attempted to take some photos of it using Rob’s DSLR (on full auto of course!)fire 3Above is about the best of my efforts! I managed to snap some of the smoke, sparks and glowing embers.i start firesAnd one of Rob in his filthy work clothes feeding the fire.

We then proceeded to have this conversation, or rather potential row*, between the two of us…

Rob – “You’ve cut my head off, you donut”
Me – “Yeah, I know. It was deliberate to respect your privacy when I upload these pictures on my blog”
Me (after a brief pause) – “How do I stop the blooming flash from flashing?”
Rob – “Put it on a slower shutter speed”
Me – “How do I do that?”
Rob – “I thought you studied photography**”
Me – “Come on, you know I am a dumb ass. Just set the bleeding camera up for me!”

So he did. And he took the below (much better) snaps, while lying on the floor, while I stood behind him ready to pat out any sparks that might land and ignite on him!

Photo by RobPhoto by RobPhoto by RobPhoto by RobPhoto by Rob

Eventually he let me have a turn with his camera and I took this snap from about as close as I dared to, hoping not to singe my eyelashes!fie upMan, these photos are making me excited about the long balmy summer evenings, camping in the camper van, sitting around a fire with a few beers talking rubbish. Roll on summer!

These photos are also making both Rob and I want to work on our night time photography skills! Or composition and photography skills in general (in my case!)

*Every conversation between Rob and I tends to be based around insults. We love each other really!

** I studied photography A Level in the late 90’s, where I learnt about F stops and the like. And then in the preceding decade and a half I completely forgot all about F stops and the like by being lazy and using point and shoot cameras! Rob frequently likes to remind me of that he knows more about photography than me without studying it at college. I frequently like to remind him that no one likes a smart arse.

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