Blogging Every Day in May – My (Proper) Roundup

Well, I did it! Phew, it was tough at times, but I managed to finish the challenge. And I feel it deserves a better round up than my BEDM 31 post!

During May, I neglected housework (although to be fair, I use any excuse to do so), and I ignored Rob and the cat’s hysterical pleading for food (ditto↑), all in the name of blogging!

Blog every day in May was a great idea from Elizabeth, and I chose to interpret her topics literally during the challenge. Being able to blog about whatever I want can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, there are just far too many options! So it was a nice change being told what to blog. I really enjoyed that part. I will admit its going to be tough thinking for myself again about what to blog now!

I think if the challenge was a course, or part of blogging school* I would probably be awarded a C grade, with a teachers comment saying “A good try, but your ending let it down” and maybe with a side note of “Helen needs to work on her grammar”.

What I have learnt from the experience is that it forced me to write my blog posts much quicker, and the more you practice something, the easier it becomes to you. Normally I will brainstorm a post, then keep it in my drafts folder for weeks on end, changing it serveral times, before I finally hit the publish button. The blog everyday in May challenge taught me to not over think things. I now find it much easier to write my thoughts down.

On the flipside, I published posts with some shocking typos (I have since corrected most of them, or at least the ones I have noticed!) I even published posts with the wrong date on them! Oh dear, thank goodness for the re-edit option!

Highlights – Being able to ramble on about my cat (again), talking about my gardening daydreams and pizza!

My favourite post to write was about my first job, and my favourite topic to read about from the other bloggers participating in the challenge was this one. I loved being able to peek into other peoples fridges! I am such a nosey parker!

Low points – I admit towards the end I completely ran out of steam and was forcing myself to post. I could not manage to make my morning rituals – eating breakfast and brushing my teeth sound exciting (because they are not!) I also (yet again) resorted to cheap gags and turned my blog into innuendo bingo. I am one step away from becoming Keith Lemon!

Anyways, I just want to say thanks for reading my BEDM posts! Now its time to get back to the usual nonsense on here about cake, Pyrex, the house, the VW fleet, and my so called life and the like!

*Just like Hogwarts, but with ASOS dresses, Swedish Hasbeens/Saltwalter sandals and Cambridge satchels as the mandatory uniform. With lessons about tea, nail varnish and how to score freebies. Maybe Elsie Larson would be Dumbledore?

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