My Birthday 2012 Part 1

Yesterday was my birthday and Rob took the day off from work to take me out for the day. Now this is a difficult thing for a self employed worker to do, so it was a real treat. He also bought me the most amazing, stupidly generous present! I am such a lucky girl! Scream!!!

I also received some honey* – hey don’t laugh this is the expensive stuff peeps, and some money from the folks and extended family. Basically I was spoilt rotten.

For my birthday outing I chose to go on a trip to the coast, as oh I do like to be beside the seaside! Hastings was my destination of choice this year, having not visited the town for a few years, and hearing lots of good things about its regeneration and thriving independent stores and art scene. This “scene” was basically one street amongst all the 99p stores, greasy spoons, arcades and the overall slightly run down shabbiness everywhere that I remembered from my last visit!

We had a lovely time in Hastings though, we had brunch in a nice cafe, pottered in a few cute shops in the old town, climbed up a huge hill as we like to get high on our adventures, ate ice cream (I could not face fish and chips as I am sick of takeaways due to my current lack of kitchen!) and played crazy golf.

I also was a good blogger and took my camera to take some snaps to post on here! I hope you like them! I promise at some point soon I will read my cameras manual and try to improve my photography skills.

After Hastings we did a detour on our journey home and swung by the medieval town of Rye, from which I shall share the pics from in a separate post.

*Take your mind out of the gutter.

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