My Birthday 2014

This year, back in May, my birthday came and went. I almost wasn’t going to blog about it this year, but as I did back in 2012 (twice) and in 2013, I thought that I might as well keep up the tradition and do a memory dump post on here for future reference!

This year wasn’t the best birthday day I have ever had (as lets face it, I am never going to top turning 30 in Barcelona!) but I got amazing presents from both Rob and my family. I was spoilt rotten!

Rob bought me a bike earlier this month (which I blogged about here) and bought me this book that I have been lusting after……and I might have dropped a subtle hint about on here!

Here is a snap of me on my new bike in Bedgebury park before we rode the six mile family trail where I bitched and moaned the whole way round and was over taken by small children! Oh deary me! Maybe one day my fitness will improve?!!?

I almost look like a pro in my new gear. Except that I was wearing Robs gloves upside down with the grip part on the top of my hand! Muppet!
I almost look like a pro in my new cycling gear. Except that I was wearing Robs biking gloves upside down with the grip part on the top of my hands! Muppet!

I received money from my family and work gave me a £20 Arcadia gift card, and even better, the day off! I don’t like to make a fuss about my birthday, however my one rule is that I never work on the day.

As per usual I made Rob take me out for the day. Unfortunately Rob had a meeting booked that morning, so he dropped me off in Shittingbourne, sorry Sittingbourne for a few hours while he carried out his work commitments. I killed time browsing around the rubbish charity shops and Tesco (as fun as it sounds), then he picked me up and we drove onto Folkestone.

I fancied going to Folkestone as on my last visit there around 6-7 years ago it had lots of galleries and quirky independent shops on its cobbled old high street. It was a bright sunny day, we went to a very nice oldy-worldy pub and I had a lovely day out with my friends. Well, thats how I remembered it anyway.

However when we got there it was a grey drizzly day, the town looked really shabby and the cute shops in the old town were now sad empty units all boarded up.

It is such a shame to see whole towns like this, with no investment or prospects for the locals. Since I last visited the recession has hit and I guess a lot of the indie business have moved down the road to Margate to capitalise on the opening of the Turner Contemporary gallery. Such a shame.

The only photo I took of Folkestone's ferry shaped hotel on our day out
The only photo I took on our day out of Folkestone’s ferry shaped hotel

My plan was for us to find the cute pub I drank in last time, grab a bite to eat and then for Rob and I to go for a nice walk along the parkland on the cliffs towards Dover.

It goes without saying that my best laid plans never seem to work out. Of course we could not find the pub and it rained hard on our walk and we got soaked through!

However, we had a really nice burger in a really nice independent eatery. Rob had a salted caramel brownie milkshake that he is still talking about and we stumbled into a pub on the top of the cliff and shot some pool for a few hours before heading back down the cliff (still in the rain – it never did ease off) skidding down on the mud taking our lives into our hands and laughing at how it can only happen to us!

At the end of this month its Robs birthday! He is nudging ever closer to 40 and he already knows what I have bought him – tickets to Truck festival! Yey I cannot wait until we go!

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