Bedroom Planning Part 2

OK, so in part one I established that Rob and I are officially old, and now are finally starting to behave like sensible adults by investing in a good quality bed.

Here in part 2 I will talk a little about my decorating plans for our bedroom. Below is a little peek into our (messy) bedroom in its current state, some before pictures, if you will. Gawd knows when the after pictures will be posted on here!

This room was once belonged to a student. It still has that vibe going on!

This room has built in, mirrored, sliding wardrobes that a previous owner (who was rubbish at DIY) fitted. We hate them. They come off the runners frequently, are falling apart inside and are still holding a little of the previous owners grime. Plus we hate seeing our reflections in full technicolour glory when we are in the room. Also for some strange reason, although they are massive wardrobes, they are insufficient for our storage needs!?! I know… they are just badly planned and executed, with lots of wasted space inside them.

Next we have two Malm bedside cabinets, and a Malm chest of drawers all in oak, containing my tracky bottoms and pants – ha! These pieces are over 7.5 years old now, and the big chest of drawers is on its last legs, and threatening to fall apart soon. Before we ordered the new bed, we did plan to just replace it with another Malm chest of drawers at some point, i.e the next time we could stomach a trip to Ikea.

But who really wants to go to Ikea, going all around the maze, arguments ahoy, with the paper slip and little mini pencils then get to the warehouse and find the item not in stock! Thats my idea of hell basically! So we have the dilemma of whether to keep the Malm stuff or replace everything. Can we be justified in replacing the whole lot? After all its all pretty knackered and nearly eight years old? We have a budget in mind, and what ever happens we will need new wardrobes. But do we replace them with new built in wardrobes with sliding doors, or do we find and purchase some new freestanding wardrobes that coordinate with our existing bedroom furniture?

The first option for wardrobes we have, if we go for it, is the built in option again. From what I can see, even if you build it yourself with one of the DIY kits out there, is that it is quite expensive. And more importantly, you cannot take them with you when you move. Now we love our house, but we do plan on moving in the next 5-10 years, all depending on our circumstances of course.

The next option is (and one I am quite fond of) to find some secondhand wardrobes and bedroom furniture. Obviously this will take time and a lot of EBay stalking, and will be a complete hassle collecting them etc. Now, I love mid century Danish style furniture, and in the last few years I have become very fond of teak furniture. We have a teak sideboard in our dining room, a teak dining table, a G Plan coffee table and a teak unit in our lounge (all to be shared on here at some point!) All of which I love, but the lounge storage unit and sideboard have a certain kind of ‘vintage’ aroma to them, so consequently make things inside them (like a sofa blanket) carry this certain musk! As I don’t really want my freshly washed, clean clothes to start smelling like a chazza shop, as much as it pains me I don’t think secondhand bedroom furniture is the best idea. Plus when Rob reads this blog post he will definitely put his foot down on this option.

If I won the lottery……

Image sources 1,2,3.

Which leads me to believe that new freestanding wardrobes and drawers are the best option. Here in lies my dilemma. that they are all so boring, or ugly, or super expensive. Or all three.

I have been Internet-window shopping wardrobes, and at one point I even considered some black gloss wardrobes! WTF! I know, really not my taste! I hate black furniture (80’s bachelor pad alert) and I think that shiny gloss should be left to kitchens. But as we are lucky to have a decent sized bedroom, I do feel the room could handle some darker pieces of furniture though. Hmm…. I’m thinking walnut as the (faux) wood colour for the furniture?

What I do have when it come to this room, is time to make these decisions. The room needs plastering, carpeting and some wiring work done. We need to rip out the broken and blown ceiling spotlights, which are another pet hate of mine – why would anyone want their house lit up like a shop? I love soft lighting, much more flattering. I love lamp! So nothing will happen quickly.

I think it will be best to wait until we have our bed delivered then, I guess, decorate around it. As it is, I still have not found a paint colour I like yet!

I’m thinking a greeny-grey color, if I can find one out there. And its a no to all the testers in the photo’s BTW, they are all much too dark!


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