BEDN 4 – Food Glorious Food

Day 4 – It’s our fuel, it’s a social bond and for many of us it’s a happy place. Today we celebrate food.

After yesterdays lazy blog post comes another lazy one. Funnily enough, despite me posting quite a few recipes on here recently, todays topic is one that I am not really inspired by, so I am using this post as an excuse to decide what my last meal would be if I was about to be executed. Its sort of related. I guess.

Its got to be a three course meal that goes without saying. I doubt I would be worrying about my calorie consumption.

 Starter –  Chilli pork nachos (but can you make the chilli from scratch, don’t use a jar of chilli sauce please prison chef. What? Cant I be a diva and make demands for one last time!)

Main – Chicken fajitas and all the trimmings bought out to me sizzling ‘n’ steaming like they do in restaurants.

Pudding – A massive slice of chocolate fudge cake. Nom nom nom!

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