BEDN 26 – Home Sweet Home

Day 26 – Share a tour of your home? Or maybe you have some decorating and DIY plans? What is your favourite room? How do you make a home feel homey?

Considering that I wanted my blog to be mainly about us fixing up our home, I think my house has been featured the least on here!

This is our second house we have bought together and to be honest the decorating has been a slow and painful process. Maybe the novelty of DIY has worn off? So consequently blogging about it also seems to be a slow and painful process.

However, I do want my house to be beautiful (well in my eyes anyway!) and to share it on here. Currently, after 3.5 years of living here we are about 75% complete with the renovations.

Today I will share a little glimpse into one of my favourite views of our home. In our hallway we have a reproduction Eames Hang It All next to a 60’s/70’s (?) teak mirror, both cheap as chips from Ebay, shown below.

mirror mirror
Shown – Our hallway lampshade, repro Eames Hang It All covered in Robs coats (the bright orange one is his reflective biking jacket BTW!) and the reflected doorway into the lounge.

I love looking in this mirror, not at my own reflection, silly! But at the reflected image of my favourite corner in the lounge. I can see our vintage Gplan unit filled with my art and design books, vinyl toys, plants and my beloved Cathrineholm kettle. Unfortunately, I could not quite capture the image how I wanted to, so I tried moving a little closer to the mirror to capture a better image.

on the wall
Shown – part of the mirror with half a peek of the lounge and half a peek of the undecorated hallway showing where we have ripped some dodgy wiring out from the wall!

Nope it didn’t work! In the end I gave up trying to take a semi-arty photo and just took one directly through the doorway.lounge tasticTah-dah! A little preview of the lounge showing our Gplan unit, my collection of Taschen’s 25th anniversary books, George Nelson clock, Gplan Astro coffee table and our little retro inspired electric fire.

2 thoughts on “BEDN 26 – Home Sweet Home

  1. I love the peeks of your house that we get every so often. It’s so lovely; I hanker after your elegant, mid-century modern style, but in reality end up with a more thrown together shabby chic look.

  2. Thanks, its nice to hear someone thinks my house is elegant! The reality is shabby and not chic! x

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