BEDN 23 – Date Night

Day 23 – If you could take your favourite person on the perfect date where would it be? What would you do? What would you eat? What would you wear? How do you like to romance? Is romance even a thing for you?

Rob and I have been together for twelve years, come this Xmas. To be honest it is sometimes hard to feel romantic about someone who you want to throttle for leaving their clothes on the floor, who uses two spare bedrooms as a garage, doesn’t listen to you and leaves oil stains around the house!

But clothes can easily be picked up and put into a washing basket, the latest project Rob is working on is fixing up a secondhand bike to be a christmas present for my eldest nephew, the permanent oil stains are on the old carpets which will eventually be replaced, and the not listening part we are still working on, even after nearly twelve years!

We are both not big on the cliches of romance, although I think Rob is a bit more inclined that way than I am! A great date for us would involve live music, good beer, good food and good discussion. Maybe we could throw in the camper van and some nice seaside/countryside into the mix?

All those ingredients equal a festival really don’t they! Bring on next summer!

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