BEDN 21 – World Television Day

Day 21The invention of television certainly changed the world. Think about communication on a mass scale. You can talk about what telly means to you. Or your favourite tv shows. Make some recommendations, maybe?

I tend to watch tv more this time of year rather than in the summer months. Its cold, dark and miserable outside, so I think its best to stay indoors, keep warm and eat lots of stodgy food in front of the gogglebox!

There is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with the cat on my lap to watch a good boxset. I am one of these people who is completely behind when it comes to tv trends. Its more than likely I will get around to watching Breaking Bad, Girls, Game of Thrones etc in about five to ten years time! Honest to god, I only started watching Friends on E4 about five years ago! It totally slipped me by in the 90’s for some reason.* I do like to keep my finger on the pulse, don’t cha know!

My current tv obsession is Mad Men. Rob and I had a box set binge earlier this year. I really don’t know why I was so late to join the party, as I love anything 50’s & 60’s Americana, plus I have owned books about advertising for years. This show was made for me! I think I resisted joining the band wagon because most of the press I read about the show seemed to be about January Jones and Christina Hendricks outfits, rather than the plot and the acting etc. A pretty frock is not enough to make me want to watch a program Im afraid. Sorry Strictly Come Dancing.

A pretty boy on the other hand will make me sit through any old tripe! Hey don’t judge! It works both ways, Rob will watch anything with Zooey Deschanel or Emma Stone in. Its the only way I will get him to watch most of my film choices!

Anyway, I am getting a little off topic now, lets get back to Mad Men again. Yeah, Jon Hamm is fit, but Mad Men is a brilliant program. I love geeking out about the furniture and props to Rob, we both wish we could drink and smoke at work all day long, and Rob who freelances for a local ad agency laughs at how accurate they portray things!

I cant wait to watch series 6. In the mean time, I will be strong and try my best not to read about what is going to happen on Wikipedia!

Current faves on the box include Fresh Meat, The Vampire Diaries, Suburgatory, Big Bang Theory and Two Broke Girls. Three of which are on tonight!

*Possibly because I was always down the pub!

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