BEDM 9 Favourite Social Media Channel

Day 9Are you a Twitter-lover? Or maybe you can’t get enough of Pinterest? Do you need to share every meal on Instagram? Do you waste away the hours watching Youtube? Or Facebook is your comfort zone? Tell us about your favourite social media channel and why.

I am kinda “meh” about social media. When it is good its a fun way to connect with people who you might other wise had lost touch with. When it is bad its used by people either trying to show off about how great their life is, fishing for compliments, or used as an outlet to moan publicly about stupid petty stuff.

I got into social media around 2005 when I joined Myspace. Around 2006 – 2007 I joined Facebook as I was bored with Myspace, and because there was more people I knew in real life were on there. I joined Twitter at the beginning of this year partly because I was bored of Facebook, and partly because I felt I ought to as I have a blog and I wanted to see what I was missing out on!

To be honest I have not put much effort in with Twitter, and I look like Billy no mates on there! Facebook is still currently my main social media channel because my friends use it too.

A few years ago I found myself falling onto the trap of putting a few moany status on Facebook. I was a bit stressed out as when we were selling our old house to move to our current one and we were having a mare of a time. So yes, I moaned online about solicitors and estate agents. I am not proud.

Since then, I have learnt to edit myself. I now only add the kind of statuses that I would want to read myself. I post about random quirky stuff, share good news in a non braggy way (I hope!) and stuff that I hope will make people smile.

From learning to censer myself on Facebook (its easy really – think before you write something!) Has spurred me on to give this blogging lark a go. I now feel more in control of how I present myself online.

I like to keep my little corner of the Internet a happy one. I hate the way forums and social media platforms can bring out some peoples evil side. I hope when my nephews are older and go online they are not victims of the darker side of the Internet, and the trolls and cyber bullies are properly controlled.

Youtube on the other hand, is a guilty pleasure of mine. Cat videos, random stuff about space, pandas, nuff said!

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