BEDM 7 Pets

Day 7Tell us all about your pets, past and/or present.

I have already blogged about my cat Poppy here and here. As you have probably gathered she is my baby and is spoiled rotten!

A lot of people say that cats do not give much, that they are selfish animals, who are only interested in pleasing themselves, and use their owners as servants to feed them. That they do not offer much back and they are cruel animals that kill for pleasure.

Nonsense I say! I think these myths were started by people who do not have a cat in their lives and spend far too much time and energy hating the ones that shit in their gardens. I have both a cat and a garden full of cat shit, and I still love cats!

Poppy is the opposite what some people think about cats. I know haters gonna hate and I am bias, but you can tell that she loves you because she always wants her cuddles. When she sits on my lap she will often look up at me and then immediately start purring. Its because she loves me, don’t you know! Its so endearing and makes my heart want to burst.

Its funny the way she sulks a little bit when we come back home after a few days away. Then all of a sudden she decides to stop sulking, and she cannot get enough cuddles and attention because she has missed us so much!

Rob and I are so grateful to have this little bundle of fur in our lives. She enriches it so much, yes she can be a little annoying at times when she constantly meowing and begging for food, or keeps getting in your face when you are trying to eat your Weetabix, or when she walks across your keyboard! But we love her to pieces and she is part of our family.

This BEDM task was fun! Any excuse for me to ramble on about how much I love my cat eh! I am a mad cat lady through and through.

Its funny, as I always thought I was a dog person! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy cat lifts weights don’t cha know. And falls asleep on the job. Also I have no idea why there are cardboard boxes in this picture!

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    1. I had to keep it short and sweet! I could have wanged on forever about my cat, dog, hamsters and goldfish when I was a kid too! x

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