BEDM 5 Fit And Healthy

Day 5 What do you do to stay fit or be a healthy individual? Share any useful tips and advice. Or tell us about your plans to get healthier.

Let me start this post by saying that I am not one of the lucky so and so’s who can eat what they want and not put on any weight. When I was younger I could get away with it, these days, not anymore.

Luckily I enjoy healthy food, I don’t like greasy take aways or ready meals. I cook most food at home from scratch. About five years ago I upped my game, and took things a step further by not using jars of curry and tomato sauce etc (full of salt and sugar), and I stopped buying oven chips and chicken in bread crumb frozen type things. I also cut out white rice when I realised it is a processed junk food (the bran and good stuff is removed, then its bleached and polished and they re-add vitamins to it). I really want to make our own bread too, as I hate how salty and full of preservatives the bread from our local artisan bakery (Greggs) is.

I am not a saint though, I still buy processed stuff like sauces, pickles, baked beans, jelly, tinned fruit and non free range meat. But who really has the time to make these from scratch and the money for non saline injected and chemically fed meat?

I don’t deny myself treats either. I love a chicken shish kebab, fish finger sandwiches, take away chips with curry sauce, flapjacks and cake. Plus I need chocolate at least once a month (OK, if I’m honest once a week). But it is medicinal, as Dairy Milk is the only know cure for PMT.

I mostly stay fit and healthy by walking everywhere. I do not drive, so that helps me as often I have no option but to walk from A to B. But I really enjoy walking so its no bother. I try to walk around 5-6 miles a day, with errands, trips into town (5 mile round trip) or I will walk around our local park. Plus in 2 out of 3 of my jobs I am on my feet and walk around a lot, which is great after years of a desk job.

I swim at my local leisure centre roughly once a fortnight. I really need to go more, but I saw one of the regular customers from one of my day jobs, who is in his 70’s and thinks he is a comedian in his speedos there (eew!) Since then every time he sees me, he makes unfunny jokes about me in a swimming costume* and other stupid remarks. So understandably I have been put off from going a little bit! I am working towards swimming 32 lengths which equals one mile. I still cant beat my personal best of 26 lengths, but as I walk to and from the centre, I have to save energy to walk the 1.8 miles back home!

I also occasionally use the exercise bike at home too. Please emphasise on the occasionally part.

As for advice and tips, the only thing I can offer is to just eat as many calories as you need to burn (easier said than done in a world where Ben and Jerry’s exists) and to move around more.

*He chats non stop as he knows me, and he tries to make all the other women at the pool laugh. He makes jokes about seeing me in a one piece or a two piece, what piece – top or bottom etc. It is harmless fun, just very, very cringey!

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