BEDM 22 13 year old You!

Day 22 – If you could talk to your 13 year old self, what would you say?

Thirteen is a tricky age, transitioning from a tween into a fully fledged teenager.

20 years ago (sob!) I was growing out of my Take That phase (TFFT!) into a mini indie chick. I lived in my fake DM type boots, which my parents had reluctantly bought for me from the massive TJ Hughes in Liverpool. I refused to wear skirts (still do) and I spent a lot of time in my bedroom reading and listening to music (still do).

What I would tell 13 year old me (if she was prepared to listen to someone so old!) is the following –

  • You will get to see lots of bands live and will still be doing so when you are ancient.
  • You will go to festivals
  • You will look old enough to get served in the pub in three years time. But maybe you should not drink quite so much. Or start smoking.
  • You will still be wearing DM’s (not fakes!) in 20 years time.
  • Your mother will still moan at you about how scruffy you look.
  • You will have the fun you long for, but along the way you will have to make some compromises. That’s just life.
  • Shit happens. Deal with it.
  • You will pretty much live your life how you picture it to be. Except the living in London bit.
  • Now stop sulking/stropping/moping as your teenage years will flyby!

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