BEDM 20 Newsflash

Day 20 – Talk about something that is in the news today.

I kind of go out my way to avoid the news these days. I find it a tad depressing.

I have spent around an hour and a half looking for a story to write about for todays BEDM topic, on The Guardian, Huffington Post, Femail (which just wound me up as per usual), BBC and the Sun’s websites.

I don’t really have the time or energy to write a thought provoking post about something political. Nor do I have the grammar skillz to do so either.*

So in the end I just googled “animal story in the news” as I was getting slightly desperate to find some good news. Which first led me to the Newsround website (which is about my level), then after following a few more links, I found this heart warming story. Please ignore the fact the story is from January!

A deformed dolphin that was adopted by sperm whales.

Here comes the science part. And a sweet video.

*See what I mean.


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