BEDM 2 Spring Is Here!

Day 2What is your favourite thing about Spring? What plans do you have to enjoy it?

I love spring, its my favourite season. It is (usually) warm but not too hot, with beautiful yellow daffodils popping up in peoples gardens (not mine!), blossom on the trees, bluebells in the woods, and the brighter mornings.

My birthday is in May and its the beginning of beer garden season, which is great for drinking pints of cider. Because we all know that cider tastes better outside in the sunshine.

My favourite thing about spring is the lambs. I am such a soppy sap when it comes to cute, fluffy, baby animals! When we are driving down county lanes I cannot help but exclaim to Rob “aww look at the little baby lambs” every time we go past a field full of sheep. This is not just exclusive to sheep, I also say stuff like “aww look at that donkey/cow/horse/dog/dog with a coat on/cat” etc.

Yep, I am easily amused! But what is not to love about cute, springy, bouncy, little lambs!

And by the way, please do not feel sorry for Rob driving around with a big kid like me as a passenger. He fully admits he learned how to tune me out years ago!

Our plans for spring are to start work on the mess that is our garden, a huge project. Plans to enjoy ourselves this spring are trips to the coast, a Yeah Yeah Yeahs gig this Saturday and to just get outside and enjoy it as much as possible before the too hot and humid or wet and miserable summer arrives. As who knows what will the good old British weather has in store for us!

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