BEDM 14 Food Glorious Food

Day 14 – Share your favourite recipe. Talk about the best cocktail you’ve ever tasted. Or maybe share you fave restaurant experience. Lets talking about food!

I must confess that I struggled to think of my favourite recipe. I love food and I love experimenting with new recipes, so in the end I asked Rob “whats my favourite recipe?”

He answered with his favourite. He loves my homemade pizzas, his favourite is Hugh FW’s potato pizza from Veg Everyday. Its double carbs all the way in this house!

I enjoy making pizzas from scratch and I make them at least once a fortnight. So last Friday I made some pizzas to prepare for this post. I did not make Rob’s favourite topping, which he requested, as I could not be bothered to boil just one or two potatoes BTW!

I have been planning to write a pizza dough post on here for a while now. Today I am going to just share some snaps and a basic guide. I promise I will eventually get around to sharing my pizza dough hints and tips in a separate post. In the mean time Google it and practice is the best advice I can offer!

Here is my photo guide to making a wholemeal type pizza dough for whatever topping you fancy. I used this recipe here but I used 700g strong white flour and 300g wholemeal spelt flour to make it slightly more wholemeal. My toppings were a third of a aubergine lightly fried in balsamic vinegar with onion, mozzarella, fresh thyme and chili flakes on one, then plain salami slices and mozzarella on the second pizza. Yep, thats right, we are pigs who can easily demolish two pizzas in one sitting.


Prepare your ingredients, use a cute vintage Pyrex bowl if possible. Then mix together. I put my fingernail through the bottom of my flour bag. What a Muppet.mix
Attempt to take a picture of you mixing it up. Fail. Really you just wanted to take a photo of your bright yellow watch.dough
Make a big dough ball. And a mess. Leave it to rise for a few hours. I left mine for 4 hours.
big dough
Ta-dah – a big bowl of dough! Please ignore the slight crust on it.
flat dough
Punch it down (I love this part!) then divide into three sections and cut one section in half again. You may need a dough scraper for this part. Just don’t buy a £1.50 (inc postage) scraper from EBay like I did, as they are not at all flexible. Then attempt to roll your two pieces out into a circle. As you can see I need to work on my circles.
Wrap and freeze your other two dough balls for two more meals.
Look at my ABM food styling here! Spread it with tomato sauce/puree. I used sun dried tomato puree as I was feeling fancy.
pizza piss
Start to add toppings. At this point realise you have been a plonker and scream for your other half to come and help you lift the pizza dough (and its toppings) which has slightly stuck to the work top despite the half a bag of flour you have liberally dusted everywhere (some on purpose, some not) onto a piece of greaseproof paper, to go on your pizza stone which has been heating nicely in the oven (I cant be doing with paddles etc). Now you have no hope of ever calling this pizza a circle. Use your loaf (boom!) and roll out the next dough ball into a sort of circle directly on the greaseproof paper.
At this point in the preparation I had nearly given up on taking photos. Bake. Slice. Eat. Enjoy.
Part 2 – Handy hints and tips coming soon! (which regular readers of Using My Loaf will know that soon really means at least 6mths)

2 thoughts on “BEDM 14 Food Glorious Food

  1. Forget the pizza, what I am lusting after right now is your kitchen – it is so gorgeous! You have the exact tiles I want 🙁

  2. Thank you! It always looks like its been flour bombed when Im cooking pizza! Also not shown is the usual pile of washing up……

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