BEDM 13 Go Green

Day 13 – Talk about being green, eco-friendly or ethical. What do you do to make a difference?

Being green is something I don’t really think about. It is just something I have always done.

When I was a kid in the 80’s, even though my parents did not have a huge amount of spare cash, I remember Mum made a point of buying our shampoo from the Bodyshop because they refilled the bottles.

My parents also grew their own vegetables, first in the back garden, then in a allotment. They used a shopping trolley, did not own a car until I was in my teens and I remember they cut up our old vests to use as dusters.

Gardening vintage style. Image from google.
Gardening in the 70’s involved cuddling. Image from google.

This grow your own, waste hating attitude is something my parents held long before it became fashionable. It was partly because they grew up with parents (my grandparents) who had lived through the war years, partly to save money and partly because my Mum was a huge fan of The Good Life and wanted that 70’s self sufficient lifestyle!

So consequently I have always recycled what I can, long before the local council issued everyone with a box or wheelie bin to separate their waste in. I try to avoid buying food with a lot of packaging, or cleaning the house/using beauty products with nasty chemicals in them.

Mine look just like this but with out the compost. Image from google.
Mine looks just like this. But without the compost. Image from google.

Another thing I am quite in to is composting. I have two compost bins in the back garden. We stupidly put the bins under the tree in a shady spot, so its taking ages to make any beautiful compost – doh! And few months after I paid for our compost bins, our local council issued everyone with another separate bin for food waste. Never mind! I am just so ahead of the times. I cant help it!

A long held ambition is to grow my own veggies. I have a water butt and the composters ready for the future veggie patch. I would love a wormery and some chickens too.

Unfortunately I have not inherited my parents green fingered genes! Hopefully at some point in the future I will get my act together and grow loads of courgettes that are technically marrows to make loads of disappointing, tasteless dinners with.*

There is always room for improvement and these are some things I am working on –

  • Find an alternative for Bio Oil that does not contain petroleum – a non renewable source.
  • Stop using cling film.
  • Buy more ethical clothing, secondhand stuff and things manufactured in the UK.
  • Donate to Greenpeace.
  • Stop using baby/facial wipes.
  • Buy a greener washing powder or make our own.
  • Find out which products use ethical palm oil.
  • Only buy Whole Earth Peanut Butter and hide it from Rob who eats all my expensive peanut butter before I get a look in.

*I am a marrow hater. This is my second anti marrow statement on this blog. I am already dreading the homegrown marrows my parents are going to start sending over soon! Yes I know I am a ungrateful daughter.

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