BEDM 12 Collecting

Day 12 – Are you a collector? Maybe a bit of a hoarder? Tell us about something you like to collect. Or if you favour minimalism, perhaps tell us why?

As much as I would like to think that I am not a huge consumer, and I that live a simple lifestyle, I have to admit that over my lifetime I have amassed a huge amount of stuff. This is something I am not entirely comfortable with.

It is a constant battle controlling my urge to hoard stuff. I have noticed it seems to be the new thing (on a lot of blogs I read at least) to edit your wardrobe down to a basic uniform, to get rid of things you do not need, and then declare how much better you feel for it.

Granted, it is very therapeutic to have a big clear out. Rob and I have regular sort outs and will either donate unwanted possessions to charity shops, do a boot fair or use EBay and Gumtree every so often to shift stuff we do not need anymore.

But I work in a uniform, and have done pretty much from the get go. So its nice to mix things up outfit wise in my free time.

Plus I live with a huge hoarder. Rob does not part with his stuff easily. Think car parts, tools, VW nick nacks and all sorts of boy stuff. It is a constant battle. He recently let go of a car part that he had held on to for nearly 20 years!

I do think about how much I want vs how much I need, and what I bring into our house. I like to think that I am a bit of eco conscious/hippy type and I get buyers remorse a lot. I do not have a huge disposable income, but then on the other hand it is always fun to buy myself little treats after working hard at the day job(s), and its nice to fill our home with lovely things.

I justify having a ton of crap that I don’t really need (too many books, Pyrex, tea towels, girl stuff) to myself that I am a savvy shopper and I am good at sniffing out a bargain. I do appreciate that I am lucky to live in the first world, and to have the spare cash to be able to buy non-essentials.

Plus I am a child of the 80’s where nearly every toy was part of a set to be collected – think Care Bear models, Garbage kid stickers, Lego etc! So I do have a pre-programmed urge to collect stuff. I enjoy the hunt for vintage stuff as well!

I recently discovered this lovely blog from Australia called House of Humble, where I read this post which summed up my thoughts perfectly. Kate has written about this subject so much more eloquently that I ever could!

PS I must confess that this post has been sitting in my drafts since late December 2012! The point of this rambling blog post was to be an introduction to a small series of posts where I planned to show some of the things we collect on here. But I still have not got around to taking the photos yet. Whoopsie!

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