Our bedroom is nearly finished! The walls are painted, the new skirting boards and doorframes are fitted and glossed, the pendant lampshade that we bought 3 years ago is now down from the loft and hanging on the ceiling, the new curtains have been hung, the furniture has been delivered and assembled, and we are back sleeping in the room again having camped in the office for 6 odd weeks! – Not much fun when you work from home, let me tell you!

I really cannot say how long it will take me to take some pictures and post the room tour on here. We still have lots to do to get the room finished and I want to be happy with the room and the photos. This is not a case of me being a peferctionist, it is more a case of once I post the room tour, I probably will not bother to take any future photos of updates we make to the room. So I might as well wait until everything is done and I am happy with the room!

This is were the fun part of the decorating starts, because all that is left to do is the finishing touches, like finding some choice nik-naks to display, pictures to hang up on the walls and the soft furnishings!

Our bedroom is quite currently plain. To be honest in my decorating I am a bit afraid of pattern. I am not afraid of colour, but the thought of chosing a patterned wallpaper for a feature wall scares the crap out of me. I admire other peoples choices and taste in home magazines, but I just cannot decide if I like one particular pattern enough to commit to it being on my walls for many years ahead and potentially ruining the plaster. Instead I personalise our house by adding colour through accessories, cushions, soft furnishings and wall art. Decorating for wimps some of you might say, but I chose things that are easy to change and move around basically!

The easiest way to bring pattern, personality and colour into our bedroom is with the bedding. At this point Rob is probably rolling his eyes while reading this, as the one thing that we do not need is anymore duvet covers. We have enough (lets be honest, everyone just needs two really, to alternate when washing) but it does not stop me from internet window shopping bedding!

We do not have that much bedding (honestly!), we currently have four options to play with, all of which will go with the new bedroom scheme, so I will not be buying anymore. Plus I like a bargain and I will not pay more that £30 for a set, and all of below cost considerably more!

But if they ever have a sale on!……..000312659↑From John Lewis here.000319266

 ↑From here. And basically all the rest of Orla’s bedding! Love it!dande↑From here.

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