BEDM 6 Bank Holiday Fun

Day 6It’s a long weekend! What are your favourite ways to enjoy the extra long weekend off work?

I like to enjoy the bank holidays doing the things we all wish we could do more of – if only we had a bit more time. Rob and I see our friends and family, we work on DIY projects, we go on day trips and we like to include a beer garden if the weather permits. Some bank holidays we like to just kick back and relax and do as little as possible, then before you know it the whole weekend has disappeared in the blink of an eye, and its back to work again the next day. Boo.

This bank holiday has been a good one so I thought I would share a few pictures and recap what we have been up to in the last three days.

On Saturday we drove up to London in the bug to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for a ATP event at the Alexandra Palace. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been on my wish list to see live for around ten years, but we have never managed to see them. The tickets were my early birthday pressie from Rob.

We took a picnic with us to eat in the park and had a great time watching bands all day. Some were good, some were interesting……

Luckily Rob took his camera and is a much better photographer than me, so I have some pictures to windowThe Ally PallyBig FreidaBig Freida. We loved this guy and his earrings!Great hairThis girl had great hair.GothPrince Rama. I was’nt really feeling this band, but the photos turned out great so they are included.thunder cat gothBelow, The Black Lips. They put on a wicked show.greasy dude

black lipsThey had their own preacher man.I bring you fireThe headliners YYY’s. It was hard to get a decent snap due to the moving crowd, smoke and lighting. Rob did OK.KazKaz O as I like to call her, doing her thang.clap your hands say yeahshinyheads-1If only those pesky heads would get out the way.earholeThis guy in front was really enjoying the moment.

On Sunday we went on a fish and chip run with our VW friends down to Greatstone, Kent. The sun shone all day, the car park was full to the brim with VW’s, I ate some lovely chips with curry sauce and an ice cream (oops, I just undone all the healthy eating I wrote about yesterday!) I sat on the beach chatting friends while Rob did a bit of kite boarding. Here is a snap of the day taken again by Rob. This is just a small amount of the VW’s that filled the car park!van jam

Today, bank holiday Monday, Rob has gone over to his friends workshop to do some work on the camper van. I caught up on a few chores, did a little work for Robs company and some blogging. At the time of writing I am about to walk over to my parents house for a BBQ at 1pm. All in all a successful long weekend I say!

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    1. Don’t know about “properly” on manual… still experimenting and learning about the camera lol 🙂

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