I got a blogger award from Words That Can Only Be Your Own! A sunshine award no less!

As part of the award you have to answer some questions about yourself.

Favourite colour: Turquoise then yellow
Favourite animal: I have been thinking about this all morning – its such a hard question! I think the answer is Whale. Mainly Whale sharks, Narwhals and Beluga’s. But I don’t think I want one as a pet. Then sloths, orangutans, elephants, giraffes, dogs, cats, I could go on…
Favourite non alcoholic drink: Tea. Decaff please.
Facebook or twitter: Facebook. I cant be arsed bothered with twitter.
Getting or giving presents: Giving.
Favourite flower: Err yellow ones. I am not really a flower person.
Favourite pattern: Not something I have thought about really but I like 50’s atomic style patterns, Lucienne Day stuff and Sandersons Dandelion clocks. Oh and recently triangle patterns.
Passion: Music, films, baking, reading, long walks, green environmental stuff. The usual.
Favourite number: 21

Now I am new to blogging and when have seen these awards doing the rounds I understand you have to pass them on to five other bloggers, which is really sweet and a good way of connecting with other bloggers. It kind of reminds me of chain letters or chain texts from back in the day. I was a right party pooper then as I never bothered continuing them when I got sent one which meant that I got seven years bad luck or a puppy died in China or what ever the curse was for breaking the link!

So while I am chuffed to bits to receive this award I will give forwarding it a miss as I don’t know who has received it already, and I am a little bit shy about contacting bloggers I do not know. Is it possible to be shy online? Nevermind. I will show my appreciation to other bloggers by leaving comments or adding them to my reader.

Fellow bloggers keep doing what you are doing and keep doing it well! I say.

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