At Last, A Complete Set Of Pyrex!

I find the simplest type of blog posts like “here’s some new to me Pyrex, now look at the pretty pictures” are the hardest for me to write. I find it much easier to ramble on about random crap incoherently (as demonstrated in my previous post), than edit myself, keeping things short and sweet and to the point! Plus I am really lazy about taking photos for my blog. I had hoped that blogging would make me enjoy photography again, but alas, I will always be a point and shoot and hope for the best type of picture taker. See below!pink pyrex 1

But look at my lovely new Pyrex haul! Kindly bought for me by my Mum while the parents and I were out for the day playing dumb tourists (literally) on Tuesday at Hampton Court.

I found them in an antique shop (does that count as in the wild?), and my heart skipped a beat! They were all individually priced – the smallest white bowl (is it a 1 pint size?) was £3, the pink next size up (2 pint?) was £5, then the second largest white bowl (3 pint?) was £9.50 and the largest pink bowl (4 pint?) was priced £ pyrex 2

I only had about £3 quid in my purse, and I could only stretch to buying the two smallest bowls by paying on my card  as it was the wrong side of payday. Mum offered to buy them for me, then we had a bit of a back and forth argument about which bowls to buy, as she offered to buy me a larger size or two, while I buy the cheaper ones, as it was a shame to split the set, and I argued that I did not want her spending more money on me etc. Once we totalled up the complete price of the set £31 (which took an embarrassingly long time, as maths is not our strong point!) we decided to ask the lady in the shop if she could do a deal. At first she said she would knock 10% off, then after she add up the total price of the full set she then said she would sell them for £ pyrex 3

So my Mum very generously bought me the set as my birthday present! I was over the moon and humbled by her kindness. The parents on the other hand could not understand what I see in them and when I text them in the evening to say thank you again for a lovely day out and my present she texted me back saying “Thats ok Dad said. You can have something else than those old dishes!! X” (I have quoted her word for word, as my Mums texts always make me laugh as is not the best at using her mobile!) Some people just do not appreciate good vintage when they see it, eh!

I know that £25 is not the cheapest, but it works out at £6.25 per bowl, which is about the average price for a Kent charity shop find. However, it is a much cheaper price for a full set than on Ebay and Etsy, which is good enough for me! Thanks again Mum!

Sidenote – I also need to invest in some cheap round tupperware containers to display these bad boys with. I was using one of a set from Ikea for my display on the ever evolving kitschen shelves of glory. I just could not find the rest of them. I know that one is currently in the freezer with half a can of coconut milk in it, who knows where the rest have gone? I had to balance my bowls precariously on some mini jam jars for their photo shoot!pink pyrex 4

6 thoughts on “At Last, A Complete Set Of Pyrex!

  1. Oooooohhhh! Nice! Such a fantastic find, congrats! They look to be in perfect condition too.
    You must have a few Cinderellas now?

    I think £25 is really good. I paid €11 for just the big one in aqua a couple of months ago.

    1. Thanks! Yes, they have a few scratches here and there and the smallest bowl has a few grey marks on the bottom, but other than that they are all in good nick.

      Yup, I have 10 cinderellas now. More mixing bowls than anyone could ever need! I think I might have a problem….

  2. I’d love to see all your Cinderellas! I have 5 but 3 are a set of garden market which wouldn’t be my favourite. I love my aqua gooseberry and gold wild rose.

    1. Funny enough, I started a post about that very subject at the weekend. You have motivated me to finish it now!

      BTW I was thinking that you should start your own blog about your finds! I would love to read it. But only if you want to of course…!

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