An Introduction

Hello blog readers, I would like to introduce you to the number one love of my life, my cat Poppy! I am a fully certified mad cat lady, but I don’t care! This little tinker makes me (and Rob) so happy, with her silly little quirks!

I warn you now but make no apologies, this is a completely self indulgent post!

Poppy Likes

  • Iams
  • Six hour naps
  • Cuddles and lots of them
  • Your full attention
  • Talking (in cat language) to you loudly
  • Me
  • Rob
  • Sleeping in bed with us under the covers curled up in the nook of my arm
  • Swearing at birds through the window

Poppy Dislikes

  • Going without Iams
  • Other cats
  • Rob and I fighting – she gets upset and emotional, meowing pitifully and has to be picked up for a reassuring cuddle (seriously!)
  • Being told to get off the desk and not being allowed to stomp over keyboards in the office when we are working from home
  • Birds, moths etc
  • Being ignored
  • Being woken up
  • The cold.

Other interesting facts

  • Poppy has never managed to hunt and kill anything bigger than a moth, she has never bought  home any birds or mice so far. Touch wood!
  • She also is very ungraceful and does not have a good aim at jumping fences and doing normal cat stuff!
  • She cries as if in pain when we put her flea drops on her neck – what a wimp!
  • I once saw her in our garden in a fight with another cat where the other cat had pinned her on the floor and she pooed herself (literally) while lying on the floor scared.
  • We often have to rescue her from fights with other cats.

Yep we ruined her.

I have also ticked off #4 off my list in this post. PicMonkey is so easy, I love it and could easily waste many hours on the site!

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