An Excursion To The Coast

Rob and I went on a little road trip in the bug today down to Ramsgate, Kent to view a camper van.

When I was a kid my grandparents lived down the road in Westgate-on-sea, and I think the last time I went to Ramsgate was probably when I stayed with them during the school holidays. So this must be the first time I have visited the town in nearly 20 years!

We viewed a 1983 VW LT28 van (no, I had never heard of them before either!) which looked good in the photo’s on Gumtree and seemed to be a decent price – your ‘cool-campers type more desirable bay window and splitty vans go for silly money – but when we viewed it it was literary crumbling away before our eyes with rust and rot. It did have an MOT until June ’13, and a numberplate with FKD in it going for it! But was only really worth £500 in parts (if you are lucky), not the £800 to £1k odd the seller was looking for.

I described it as ‘your favourite shortbread biscuit’ meaning soft, crumbly and melt in your mouth on the drive home. Rob looked at me like I was a loony when I used that abstract comparison, but he did put his finger through the body work and made a hole in the van when he touched it! Not on purpose I must add!

It’s a shame, but we have decided to keep an eye out for another LT at a good price, and the trip to Ramsgate was a nice change of scenery. We had a little wander around and basked in all Ramsgate’s shabby-chic run down glory. It has that Victorian former grandeur down to a tee and a photogenic harbour. We had lunch in a sweet little cafe with a lovely warming open fire and vintage china plates. I took my camera with me and took a few snaps to share here.

Finally, you know how it is, you are wandering around thinking “how cute/photogenic” the buildings are….then get home and realize you have taken a picture of some scaffolding! Yep, I did that! – My camera battery was low OK! That’s my excuse!

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