A Visitor In The Garden

Two days ago I promised to share some photos of the progress that we have made in our garden.

However, instead of the before and after type of post that I had planned to write, I am going to deviate a little and just share some snaps that Rob took today of an unusual visitor we had in our garden this morning – a pheasant!

I love this random nature kind of stuff! It doesn’t happen very often as I live in a fairly urban environment in a provincial town, so this kind of thing makes me happy. I love seeing animals in real life rather than on the telly (spoken like a true townie there!). Its just a shame that I was out at the time!

Rob just about managed to take a few photos of the birdy, right before our gobshite of cat Poppy came up behind him meowing her head off and scared the poor thing away. She really is daft that moggy of ours, she has never quite learnt the art of sneaking up on things. That big mouth of hers lets her down every time!*pheasant 1pheasant 2pheasant 3pheasant 4And here is the cat acting all like “whaaaaaat, no I didn’t ruin your chances of taking any arty wildlife shots Rob, Im just here casually minding my own business, sitting on the fence, deciding where to take a shit in your new inproved garden that you have been working hard on…..”Pop 1Pops 2Pops 3Pops 4Pops 5Pops 6Pops 7

BTW here is how the garden used to look like if you are interested!

*I don’t know where she gets that from! Who says that pets are like their owners!

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