A Useful Tool

I cant believe that I have not shown this little kitchen tool that I picked up while visiting the Isle of Wight on holiday with my family, back in August on my blog yet! Oh yeah, I just remembered why – because it is not that interesting! I bought it for £1 in a charity shop, and I did have to chuckle to myself, as on the price tag it was labeled as a potato masher, even though it clearly says on the side it is a pastry blender!

One of my cooking goals is to improve my pastry making. Its a goal I have not really worked much, as I hate rubbing in fat. I don’t know why, I just cant stand doing it. It is one of my pet peeves!

I used this tool for the first time on Sunday, when I made my disastrous Malt loaf. It was so handy! It made rubbing in the Trex to the flour *shudder* such an ease! If you see one of these “potato mashers” while out and about, I urge you to do yourself a favour and buy it straight away. It makes the rubbing in method a doddle!

I also have to add that Rob peered over my shoulder when I was writing this little post yesterday, and said “a useful tool, is that me?”

Well he’s right about the tool part!

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