A Teeny Tiny Rant!

Hello! I am afraid this is yet another post from a blogger making excuses about why they have not been blogging recently. Im afraid its all down to that old chestnut – life getting in the way again!

Im working loads ATM, and I seem to have no energy. I don’t know if its because of the dark nights and colder weather, but I just want to sleep all the time! I can manage to do the bare essentials like go to work and feed Rob and I (and the cat of course), but anything else like clean the house, blog, comment on other peoples blogs has fallen by the wayside!

Whats worse is that I have started to become a little cynical about blogs and Instagram in general. We all know deep down that they are not real life, and are highly edited, but I think that I have finally run out of patience with it all. I have my favourites, but all the rest just seem to copy each other and are so staged its like they have nothing genuine to say anymore. Plus I am starting to find a lot of the lifestyle advise/self appointed expert type blogs a bit preachy!

Oh dear! I was starting to think that I had outgrown blogs and blogging, and that I was too old and boring for all that stuff. But then yesterday I came home from work with a Kinder Egg each as a treat for Rob and I, all because they had Minion toys inside! So maybe I am not quite as mature as I think I am!!

On the flip side I have found some amazing blogs recently, so my love for blogs and blogging is still going strong. And I will continue to blog, even if my posts are sporadic and no one reads them!

Anyway thats my little rant over with there. I have got things off my chest now! Phew!

What have I been up to recently I here you ask? Well Rob and I have been doing lots of talking recently and we are going to make some big changes soon. No, we are not separating, having a kid, getting a dog, building a conservatory or changing our images and becoming steam punks! Nope, we are hoping to move house in 2016!

Its time for a change, although we love our house and we are so close to getting it finished, we both want to improve our lives by living in an area that offers us more of what we want – like spectacular walks, bike rides and better camping options. We have found an area that offers us this, but is not too rural that it freaks out the 100% town girl born and bred in me, as it has all the high street shops, supermarkets and out of town retail parks which I hate going to, but I am far too conditioned in living with them close by, so I need them really. Plus I will need another crappy, minimum wage retail job that deadens my soul in one of these places.

Anyway, I don’t want to jinx things by saying too much in case it doesn’t happen! But watch this space……

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