A Tasty Flapjack Recipe

I love flapjacks big time. I could easily eat nothing but them for the rest of my days. But instead I will be good and try to eat my leafy greens and five a day.

But what is not to love about flapjacks? They are so tasty and so easy to make, and they have oats in them, so they are good for you, right?

When I first moved in with Rob I could not cook, but I could make a mean flapjack without a recipe. It was the only thing I bothered to learn how to cook from my Mum. I just melted roughly half butter or marg with half the same amount of golden syrup, then poured some oats into the saucepan (no need to weigh or measure the three ingredients – just eyeball them) then baked in a medium oven until it turned brown and done looking (again eyeball it). So simple and fail proof.

Over the years I have baked (and enjoyed) many different recipes for flapjacks including chocolate ones, some with lots of sugar as the main ingredient, ones with mashed bananas in (yum). Plus I have also bought (too) many pre-made flapjacks from shops.

Have you gathered that I really love flapjacks yet? I am slightly obsessed!

My favourite shop bought flapjack is the chocolate chip one from Marks and Spencer for £1. It is such a treat, if you have not tried it do yourself a favour and get one quick. Just ignore the calorie and fat content on the back of the packet like I do!

I read the ingredients on the back one boring lunch break ages ago, and noticed that one of the main ingredients listed was condensed milk. So I googled for a similar recipe and happened upon this recipe here.

I baked this flapjack and sure enough it was amazing! It was just as good as M&S’s one, if I say so myself!

I have only baked it couple of times, as the ingredients are so rich and fattening, and Rob and I cannot stop at just one slice. It is like crack, be it dangerously addictive crack that can make you obese! So this is a indulgent treat that is made every 18 months or so and was my favourite flapjack recipe.

But that has now changed. As of yesterday, my new favourite recipe for flapjack is this one which was published in the Guardian on Saturday.

Salted caramel flapjacks

150g unsalted butter
200g light brown muscovado sugar
100ml milk
1 egg, beaten
175g plain or spelt flour
1 tsp baking powder
175g Jumbo oats
3 tbsp golden syrup
2 tsp vanilla essence
2 tsp sea salt

1 Preheat oven to 200C/400F/gas mark 6.

Line a 20cm x 30cm baking tray with lightly greased baking parchment.

3 Heat the butter, sugar and milk in a saucepan until the butter has melted.

4 Remove from the heat and stir in all the other ingredients, combining well.

5 Press the mixture into the greased tin and bake for 15-20 minutes, until golden brown.
flap I can kid myself that it is healthy(ier) as it has spelt flour and semi-skimmed not condensed milk in it right?

In sort of-related news, I have recently invested in some decent sea salt (used in this recipe). It’s because I use a little salt (as instructed) for my pizza dough recipe. But I use the cheap 14p value stuff. The other day Rob was chowing down my homemade pizza and while complimenting me on it, he mentioned that the dough was a little sweet. “But I did’nt use any sugar in it” I said!

So the outcome of that meal was that I paid nearly £3 for some of this stuff. I rarely use salt in my cooking, and this is primarily for pizza doughs and future bread making adventures. I figure if I am going to use any salt, I may as well use the good s**t.

Oh and Rob, if you read this, do not use this salt in the garden in the summer to kill the slugs please! Or I will have a fit if you do. Thanks.

Off topic again, but when I got my pretty plate out of the kitchen cupboard to take a picture for my blog. I managed to break three of my teacups!

Dammit, I am such a clumsy so and so! Now I have only got two cups left to smash. Poor vintage china, It deserves so much better than me!crack

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