A Quick Camp Out At Lydd

Rob and I are both off work this week. I hope its an opportunity to catch up on my blogging, but its Thursday already (whaaaat!), and is a really busy week for both of us as we are frantically decorating before we get the new flooring fitted next week, and generally trying (and failing) to keep the dust under control and our house looking semi-respectable!

Amidst all the chaos indoors we managed to go camping locally for one night at Lydd, near Dungeness Kent. This was our first camp out of the season due to time constraints and Robs shoulder injury.

It was a last minute decision to go away. I basically dragged Rob away from his desk (his work has been really stressful of late) and all the decorating, to make him get some well deserved R+R!

I booked the campsite online the day before, and on the morning we set out, we packed our bags and food and then bought any extras that we needed in the supermarket on route. I thought to myself – “we are getting really efficient at this camping lark, look how easy the planning and packing was”….

….That was until we got there and I realised that we had forgot to pack our towels!!!

Ah well, there is always something that you forget to pack, eh! At least we remembered the important stuff like beer and a bottle opener.

Neither of us took our cameras as it was only a one nighter. We went on a nice bike ride into Rye, to a lovely pub, riding all the way on a dedicated cycle path which is part of the National cycling network. (Which you can find out more about here and sign a petition for more funding and investment here – Thanks Secondhand Susie for that link!)

Here are my two obligatory grainy Instagram snaps! And if you are interested, after wondering if we would be able to buy a couple of cheap beach towels at the nearby Camber Sands resort, we decided instead to just drip dry and improvise with a clean tea towel for me and a pair of boxer shorts for Rob!camping at lyddfire pit

5 thoughts on “A Quick Camp Out At Lydd

  1. I’ve just been saying to Thomas that I want us to go for a short break to Kent – Dungeness, Rye, Margate, Canterbury… all the sights – and this just makes me want to go even more.

  2. eek, the internet just ate my comment so apologies if I end up posting this twice. Was just saying that I really, really want to visit Kent again some time soon. An ex-pupil lives in Margate and has been telling me about vintage shops in the area (and Dreamland looks ace too!) and I really want to re-visit Rye and Dungeness as well.

    1. Hi, sorry about that! I am having problems with WordPress not informing me that I have pending comments, so I apologise about the delay in replying to you! I think I need to look into installing Disqus or something similar.

      I have a love/hate relationship with Margate. My grandparents lived in nearby Westgate in the 80’s, so I find it hard to believe all the regeneration hype about the town. Its a bit like Hastings – 20% nice, 80% shithole. Do wear your blinkers and just stick to the gallery and two nice streets if you visit!

      1. Ha, that is so true about Hastings! The only time I visited, we totally missed the 20% and ended up eating our lunch in a Greggs – oh the glamour.

        1. Ah, good old Greggs eh! Nothing beats a crappy coffee and a slightly stale and salty yet overly sweet Belgian bun!

          The good 20% in Hastings is easy to miss BTW! If you do venture into Kent and visit Margate, the nice area is near the gallery. There are a few vintage shops (which are ridiculously overpriced IMO) and some cafes and indie shops aimed towards the higher earning London types visiting for the day. Its not a bad afternoon out down there, probably best to go when the kids are still at school though as it can get very crowded. x

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