A Few Random Things

  • Our kitchen is plastered and has a base coat of paint on it now! The flooring is coming next!
  • I broke our George Foreman lean, mean, grilling machine. Dammit, it is pretty much all my kitchen left at the moment! Sorry to Rob’s sister who kindly bought it for us as a xmas pressie a few years back!
  • I sometimes think my blog has no real theme to it. Is it a house renovation blog, a baking blog, a music blog, or a boring me-me blog? I don’t really want to put too much personal stuff on here, but its my blog and I can cry write if I want too.
  • Answer – it is a bit of all of the above. It will never be a fashion blog I can tell you this much. I hate clothes shopping.
  • Why am I wondering this? Do you also think most of the blogs you read are a bit samely? Sick of hearing about tea drinking, knitting (yeah I am jealous of other bloggers lovely projects – I have zero skills in the craft department!) and fox paraphernalia? Which blogger cliché fits you?
  • By the way, I thought that was the funniest thing I have read on the Internet in ages. I almost choked on my cup of tea laughing so much!
  • I am pleased Orbital have a new album out soon.
  • When my kitchen is finished and I have my new oven, I cant wait to do some baking. I really want to make some bread. I have been wanting to try my hand at no-knead bread for years now, but I never got round to it!
  • Maybe some sour dough bread, but I don’t want to run before I can walk.
  • One of my Internet ambitions is to have my cat Poppy featured in Desire to Inspire‘s “Pets on furniture” feature. Does that make me a pushy pet owner equivalent of these ladies?

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