A Ceramic Piece That Made Me Curious

I have a confession to make – I am starting to obsess about West German Pottery, or rather fat lava, as some people call it.

By obsess, I mean start a Pinterest board and casually browse eBay for bargains. Its all harmless stuff, honest!

So what is so special about these ugly jugs I hear you ask? To me, its that they have just the right balance of ugly and beautiful. And most importantly, they look amazing when artfully arranged on a teak sideboard!

But I am digressing. The point of this post is to geek out about a ceramic pot that used to belong to my grandparents.potty pot 1
It came into my possession last year when nan moved into her care home. Mum was sorting through her belongings and found it in a drawer. She thought it had a certain retro look that would appeal to me. She was right, its right up my street!

This little pot made me curious. I wanted to know how old it was and who made it. I could not see any makers mark, but looking at the style I guessed it was from the 1950’s, as to me the dots looked very atomic and kitsch!potty pot 2

After a couple of fruitless Google searches, I spent the next 6 months occasionally wondering about this little pots origin. At one point I wondered if it was a vintage Hornsea piece. Then I happened upon this listing on eBay which told me everything I needed to know about it.

It turns out I am right, it is from my favourite era!

image from
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Its a West German piece of pottery made by Jopeko Keramik probably in the 50’s or 60’s. It comes in several vase forms and according to a helpful man called Kevin Graham on Flickr (click on the previous link) it was a copy of a product made by another West German pottery manufacturer called Jasba, but Jopeko Keramik added the three coloured dots to avoid copyright issues.

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So what do we use this little pot for?
Well, it has solved the problem of my beef with Rob insisting on keeping his ugly bottle of cod liver oil tablets out on his bedside table, so that he can remember to take them, into a much more pleasing on the eye solution.PicMonkey Collage
Never mind that Rob hates this little vintage pot and thinks its ugly! Thats a small detail I can overlook!

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