BEDM 4 Five Favourite Blogs

Day 5Share the blog love! Tell us about five blogs you love and why?

This is tough, its like being asked to pick your favourite child, or nephew in my case.

Drum roll please… are my top 5

  1. Bread and Honey – Its an honourable mention as this blog is sadly no longer updated, but I still peruse the archives from time to time.
  2. Door Sixteen – Anna has impeccable taste in homes, home furnishings, music, clothes, make up, food, friends and dogs. She inspires me to be more motivated about our DIY projects and to try to make my life more stylish.
  3. Whorange – A lifestyle blog from LA, about art, cool stuff and fashion with a mid century modern theme. Plus Tula calls you and her readers kittens.
  4. The Pyrex Collective – Technically 3 blogs, these are a recent discovery. Now I know I am not the only Pyrex perv out there, phew! There are plenty more people with the sickness, as its known on the blogs! I now get a Pyrex fix almost daily in my reader.
  5. Seeds and Stitches – I enjoy Hannah’s writing and seeing her crafting and homemade projects. They are very inspiring and almost make me want to knit, crochet or sew something. Almost.

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