2014 Resolutions

I know these type of posts are boring to read, especially if your Bloglovin/Feedly account is full of them right now. And I do apologise for that.

But Im still going to indulge myself and write one! Sorry!

Last year I did a resolutions post and wrote the following –

  1. Keep blogging. For as long as I enjoy doing so.
  2. Go to Glastonbury in the camper van.
  3. Get the camper van through its MOT.
  4. Read more books. I read so little in 2012. Blame it on the distraction of the Internet.
  5. Broaden my baking horizons.
  6. Lose some weight. Hmm…. not sure how that’s going to work with #5!
  7. Finish as much of the house as we can.

And whoop whoop, I managed to achieve most of them! All except for no. 5 as I had to stop eating so much cake to achieve no. 6! Thats why I make easy resolutions, so I can feel a bit smug proud a year later!

For 2014 I want to do the following –

  1. Read more books. I read more in 2013 than 2012, but I still do not read as many novels as I used to. I indulge in too much brain rotting internet and telly, me thinks.
  2.  Plan meals better. Ever since we fixed up our kitchen almost 1.5 years ago (gulp) I have been a little slack with this. I need to up my organisational game.
  3. Do not put things off. Just get on and do it. I am a champion procrastinator (and Rob is not much better). This includes housework, work stuff and things on the to do list. So thats everything basically.
  4. When it comes to blogging, I want quality not quantity on here. I am not going to take part in anymore blogging everyday challenges. I want to keep on improving my photography and writing on here.
  5. Keep on losing weight. I lost half a stone last year (and have since put some of that back on over  the Christmas period. PLEASE STOP RAINING WEATHER SO I CAN GET OUT THE HOUSE!!!) It would be nice to lose a little more. If not, no pressure, I just want to be more active with more walking, swimming and cycling.
  6. Bake more bread. I did not make many cakes last year, but I started to experiment with 5 minute bread with mixed results. I want to start doing it again and bake more traditional loaves too. If this fails, then bite the bullet and buy a bread maker as I hate supermarket bread, homemade tastes much better (if do I say so myself!)
  7. Be happy. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with my lot right now. But In the past Ive had periods where for various reasons I have not been. It is easy to stress out, to moan and to want what you perceive other people to have. Easy, yes. But such a stupid waste of energy. I want to keep on appreciating my house, family, friends, jobs and life in general.

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