2013 – My Summary

It has been a pretty decent year. A fairly quiet and non eventful one. After a few challenging years recently, this year had no traumas, no losses, no fall outs and no big dramas. So yeah – a pretty successful year.

So what did happen in 2013?

Well, 2013 was the year I got slightly addicted to Instagram. Yep I know, I was late to join the party!

Why the hell did I Instagram Ikea?
Why the hell did I Instagram Ikea?

2013 was the year I went on two lovely holidays, one to Southwold back in April and then to Cyprus in October.sun hut

2013 was the year I started a new job. This has been such a moral booster. I was working a part time job and was desperately searching for a job with more hours to offer. I currently work three part time jobs, and I enjoy both the routine and flexibility they give me.

2013 was the year I went back to Glastonbury festival after a 8 year break. I had mixed feelings about the experience which I wrote about here, but it was good to experience it again. And even better to experience it in our camper van! I also went to Truck festival and had an amazing weekend.tim from ash

2013 was the year we got finally our camper van to pass its MOT and back on the road! We named him Ernie and had several camping trips in him including the two festivals, a trip to Bewl Water and a, shall we say interesting, weekend on the Isle of Sheppy!

From this....
From this…. this!
…to this!

2013 was the year I Blogged everyday in May and (almost) everyday in November. It was also the year I got a bit more personal on here and sometimes used my blog as a free counciling session! Don’t worry readers, I have revised my droning on, poor me etc post to spare you!

2013 on the home front was the year we decorated our bedroom (the reveal post is planned). Another room ticked off the list! Plus it was the first year we got our baubles out in a long while!

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