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Pic from ‘Oh its the 90’s’ tumblr. Of course.

Ahh remember the 90’s? When you had to put a little effort into finding new bands and buying music? Namely staying up late to listen to certain radio shows and trying to catch the names of the artists in your poor quality headphones plugged into your huge stereo, and trying to tape songs without the DJ’s rabble over it. Or watching obscure latenight TV shows or rubbish ones like The Chart Show or TOTP’s on the off chance there would be someone half decent on the show. And then physically going in to town to a shop to hunt for CD’s they might not stock!

Kids today have it so easy discovering new music in comparison! If they hear a song they like, they can stick their mobile up in the air and it will tell them the name of the artist etc apparently. And then a few clicks later they can own it (or steal it) or they can read blogs and be told who is cool etc instead of looking out for and waiting for the music magazines and fanzines. No effort at all hey?

Yeah I have just made myself sound really old in this post! But I am glad that I grew up in that era. Music is one of my biggest passions in life. Sadly as a thirty something woman I do not have the time to dedicate as much of my life to it as before. I can no longer spend the hours in my bedroom listening to it and reading about it as before, nor do I spend the hours dancing to it in clubs like I used to!

These days all I can do is blog about music from time to time in a rambling, non eloquent way. I have been lucky to have had the radio on in the background in the office in my old job for years (radio1 – slightly better than HeartFM) Now in (one) of my new jobs we have 6music or our iTunes playing. I still go to gigs and festivals when the funds will allow, although boring adult stuff like moving house and a new bathroom has stopped me for the last two summers though – boo.

Anyway after that long ramble about me, myself and I, here is this weeks tuesday tune. The choice is still on my theme of female guitarists and is another all female band. Their guitarist is Gabby Glaser. I have started to read this book which was recommended on this blog. In the introduction it mentioned Luscious Jackson who I had not listened to for years.

Don’t hate me but since I got an iPod and went digital, I only got as far as loading up the B’s in my CD collection onto my computer before I got bored and gave up! Now I just add new downloads to my iTunes, or only burn any newly purchased CD’s onto my hard drive (if they are cheaper). Yep I still buy my music and support the artists.

I loved Luscious Jackson’s album when I was in college and only can remember meeting one other person who had heard of them. Now I have the benefit of time I am not so sure why I liked the so much, and they do sound a little dated (which also makes me feel old!) But they are part of my history and some of their lyrics had a message to them which I liked about them as a teen!

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