Tuesday Tune

I must admit that I have done some googling on female guitarists for this feature. In my research I came across a few lists for *humph* the top “hottest female guitar players” etc – which I think I says it all really.

I looked at the Rolling Stone magazine’s 100 greatest guitarists of all time lists. Which as far as I could see it had one – count ’em only one lady in them – Joni Mitchell!

Thankfully I have discovered a few cool ladies to blog about, and for my second post I chose this lady. Now I am no expert on technical abilities (I can ask my guitar playing other half Rob about that stuff). But I was quiet impressed with this lady.

China in your hand?

Now I have never heard of her band, and all I know about her is pulled from Wikipedia! But despite the dodgy hair metal clothes and her huge ginger barnett I think she rocks! I have a soft spot for noisy two piece garage type bands i.e White stripes & Black keys, and white mystery seem of a similar vein. Enjoy some girl-guitar readers!


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