To Do List Update

Remember back in June I made a list of goals then kind of forgot about it?

Well as its the end of the year, its a good time to look back and see whats happened since!


  1. Start a blog. DONE!
  2. Get better at photography. – It depends on which blog post you are viewing!
  3. Improve my writing skills. – I think I have. Well for me anyway.
  4. Learn to use Photoshop or PicMonkey at least. DONE! Blogged here.
  5. Learn to use google analytics. – Done.
  6. Get better IT skills in general. – Its an ongoing thing really.
  7. Learn how to put pictures side by side.
  8. Improve the look and layout of this blog. DONE! Blogged here.
  9. Continue with Tuesday Tune. – Yep, still doing as and when I feel the urge.
  10. Show the rooms of my house on here that we have decorated already. – I will do soon.
  11. Compile one of these wish-list thingies. Once I figure out what they (wish-list thingies) are officially called to google how to make them or find the software etc!  DONE! Blogged here.
  12. Keep this as a happy place and do not rant on here! – I think I have managed to. Except a little moan about Keane, but they deserved it.
  13. And remember to just keep on blogging for self improvement in general! – I’m still here I suppose!


  1. Start a blog. DONE!
  2. Visit Berlin. – At some point in the future. No rush.
  3. Keep chickens in my garden. – I want to, but then on the other hand it is cheaper to just buy free range eggs at the supermarket. And you don’t have to clean their poop up.
  4. Grow my own vegetables. – Maybe at some point. In the mean time my parents send over homegrown veg over from their allotment.
  5. Make bagels. – Not done.
  6. Get really good at making cupcakes. – It depends on who’s eating them!
  7. Bake some whoopie pies. – Not done.
  8. Bake some no knead bread. – I tried it once.
  9. Make a red velvet cake of some sorts. – Not done. Soon though.
  10. Go whale watching. – At some point in the future I hope.
  11. Crochet a granny squares blanket. – Never gonna happen. I cant craft.
  12. Bake a rainbow cake. – Not done.
  13. Build an Eco house – A girl can dream.
  14. Move to a less chavvy town. – Maybe in the future. But my friends and family keep me here, where else can I find that?
  15. See the northern lights. – I hope to at some point.
  16. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower (I have been before but only made it up 2/3rds of the way. I was with my mum and she gave up at that point, as she did not like the see through-ish stairs we were climbing up – chicken!) – Future holiday.
  17. Organise my iPhoto library. – Kind of doing.
  18. Get some some nice photo books made. – I got one of our holiday to the New Forrest made up for Xmas pressies.
  19. Buy more secondhand clothes or vintage dah-ling. – Too expensive and I do not need anymore clothes.
  20. Make my house beautiful. – Doing.
  21. Own a camper van. DONE!  Blogged here 21)b.Get campervan MOT’ed & road worthy. – Doing.
  22. Buy more secondhand furniture. DONE! I will show my purchases on here at some point.
  23. Go to more gigs. – Depends on who is touring really and budget. I did not go to many gigs this year.
  24. Own a rescue greyhound. – We own a cat.
  25. Join a book club. – Nope, not done.
  26. See Tutankhamun’s mask. – Maybe at some point. In the mean time I will stick to documentaries on telly!
  27. Go camping at least once a year. – Done.
  28. Keep going to as many festivals as financially possible. Sod being too old. – Done.
  29. Get a greenhouse and grow amazing cucumbers. – Not yet.
  30. Eat more leafy green veg. – Not every day, but yes to this.
  31. Plant a herb garden so I never have to buy expensive fresh herbs from supermarkets. – Does my pot of basil count?
  32. Use only green household cleaning products or make my own. – In the kitchen, yes. In the bathroom I need my bleach!
  33. Get my completed/decorated house as a tour on one of my favourite blogs (or in a magazine?). – Do I really want to?
  34. Buy only ethical/organic/outdoor reared meat. – Too dear.
  35. Save cooking fat for the birds. – I don’t really have any cooking fat to make any fat balls.
  36. Visit Loch Ness. – I hope too.
  37. Stay in the Pantone hotel. – Ditto.
  38. Sew a dress. – Never gonna happen. I don’t wear dresses either!
  39. Get a job I want to do, or in failing that one away from retail at least. – Working on it.
  40. Swim at least once a week. – 35% success rate.

You might have noticed that I have given my blog a little tidy up recently. I changed the font to a 50’s inspired one that I’m really happy with, and I’m working on a new header. By working on, I really mean nagging asking Rob to make me a new one.

I am also getting rid of my to do list page, and in the next year I will probably focus mainly on documenting the renovation of our house on here. I will still throw in the odd recipe and post about whats going on in our lives.

I want next years blogging goal to be quality over quantity!

Wish me luck!


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