Some Stuff I Like

Below are some things that I don’t need, but I would like to fill my house with.
You know, just to clutter pretty it up a bit.

house wish list



Polyvore is such a great way to waste time is’nt it!

My set I created says the following about me – I am a crazy plant lady who since she has learnt how to keep houseplants alive (by actually watering them) wants to fill her home to the brim with them, who wants to put a bird on it, likes yellow and extremely expensive coffee tables. And doesn’t really have an eye for visual layouts.

Pink Baking

Pink baking

As part of my blogging to do list, I added “Compile one of these wish-list thingies” as something I wanted to learn.

I can do Etsy Treasurys no problem. I just typed Etsy treasury list into the google and found a site with a code generator to do so. Easy. I just got to figure out how to turn the dollars into pounds now!

But these wish list collages have alluded me. I have been typing all sorts into the google (yes I call it the google!) and found nothing helpful. Luckily the other day I discovered Polyvore! By discovered I mean clicked on the link on someone else’s blog.

So I had a little play around and made this collage above. I just clicked on random things with a vague baking theme as you can see. But I think I can tick off #12 now! Whoop!

Kitchen update – We are nearly there, I am cleaning it up between working two jobs. I’m slowly finding homes for my rubbish essentials. In a week or so (and once I get a nice sunny day!) I can take some snaps to share on here! Double whoop!