The New House – Ideas And Inspiration For The Second Bedroom

Sorry to keep wanging on about baby stuff on here. I did hope to share a tour of our bedroom today, but its too dark and rainy to take any decent photos, so that post will have to wait. Fear not, I am not about to turn into a “mummy blogger” anytime soon! But at this moment in time its a big thing in my life, so I cannot help but over share on here occasionally!

I just wanted to do a little follow up from this post here (the 2nd bedroom before tour post) to talk about my ideas for this room.

I must say that it has been quite hard deciding how to decorate this room. My initial thoughts were to just paint the room white, but then Rob banned me from having any more white walls in the house! (He hates it! Because its a bugger to paint and you cannot see what bits you have already painted apparently!)

Next I thought “what about that greeny-grey neutral colour that we had in our bedroom in our last house?” But Rob was not so keen on the colour. So that was the end of that. (Yes, believe it or not, sometimes I do let him have a say in things!!!)

So it was back to the drawing board again. Or rather, pinning stuff on my secret Pinterest board for inspiration!

All that I had decided on was this Ikea light in the room and, don’t ask me why, but I set my heart on a bright yellow cot! …You know, the one colour that cots are least likely to be made in! Luckily I managed to find one online at a sensible price, so that Pinterest-to-blame-type-of-want was fulfilled!

So far we have purchased the two items pictured below.

Image from

The light for the room. Image from

His cot. Image from

His cot. Image from

And this is how the room currently looks.imageimageimageimage

Doesn’t it make you a bit twitchy and anxious? The piles of bags everywhere, the disorganisation of it, and the fact that I have just over four weeks left to go til D-day? Eep!

But to be honest, I am pretty chill about things. As for the first few months the kid will be sleeping in our bedroom, in one of those next to the bed cribs, so there is no December deadline to get this room finished. Phew! And I have finally decided on the wall colour and more furnishings! We just need to finish decorating the lounge first so that the Ladderax unit and the books etc can be moved back in there, then I can start sorting out the piles of baby paraphernalia that my parents have brought us and friends have kindly given to us.

And pack my hospital bag and do other practical shit like that!

The scheme that I have decided on is for the walls to be painted on the bottom half a teal coloured dark blue (yes, I know, I have chosen blue for a boy! But I like the colour and would also use it in a little girls room) then white on the top half. A bit like in the images all gleaned from Pinterest below.

And somehow I have managed to get Rob to paint another room white again! But this room doesn’t count as its only half white. Honest!

Image from

Image from

Image from

Image from

More Pinterest inpiration. Not quite the look that I am going for, but look, a yellow cot and the same lampshade!

More Pinterest inpiration. Not quite the look that I am going for, but look, a yellow cot and the same lampshade! Image from

Next, I plan to order this Ikea chest of drawers for a changing area and clothing storage, which I cannot wait to organise like this Mummy blogger has.

Nordli chest of drawers. Image from

Nordli chest of drawers. Image from

Image from

Image from

Then order this cute Scandi inspired bunny print below to hang somewhere in the room. Just because I like it and would be very happy to have it hanging in my bedroom TBH!

Image from

Image from

Watch this space for the room tour next year!

Lately #19

My life is pretty boring at the moment (just the way I like it! No dramas for me, thank you!) but I thought I would do a quick catch up post on here anyway.

  • I’ve finished work now, as my temporary summer job’s contract has ended. So I now have the worlds longest ever maternity leave. If I could carry on working, I would, but I don’t have a choice. Its a bit dull, but I am trying to make the most of things, having lots of lie ins, enjoying the last of my free time, going for walks and writing lists of things to do to keep myself busy etc. Fingers crossed the next 9.5(ish) weeks will fly by for me! And fingers double crossed for me that I get my maternity allowance approved and paid into my bank account soon!
  • The store that I was working in have promised me a job again next summer when I am ready to go back to work (if Rob and I can sort out looking after the kid between us, that is!) So that’s reassuring, as I hate being out of work and not earning any money.
  • The big news is that my morning sickness is now finally over! I stopped throwing up at 28 weeks, and I can now drink water without gagging again (TFFT!) It has not been fun being unable to drink anything and forcing down squash and Nesquik (two drinks that I normally hate), so I am making up for lost time guzzling down lots of fizzy water (just in time for the last part of pregnancy where you keep going to the toilet!) Its so great being able to drink like a normal person again and I only dry heave occasionally now, maybe once or twice a day. Hurrah!
  • Talking of dry heaving, we recently visited the Isle of Wight to see my family and we put the cat in a cattery. When we picked her up and drove her home, she pooed herself with fear in her carrier (yes, for real), which was on my lap. Bleugh! I nearly threw up with the smell of it! We had all the windows open, with me heaving all the way home, and poor Rob didn’t know what to do but laugh (which I can now also do retrospectively!) Bloody cat!!!
  • Rob’s folks also visited us recently and could see why we moved down here. They loved it.
  • The old gas fire in the lounge has now been ripped out. I love the last photo below that Rob took of the hole in the wall when the outside flue was removed.img_2881img_2883img_2885img_2888
  • Rob is currently grouting the kitchen tiles and cursing me for choosing black grout! But it will be worth it as it will look f**king fantastic when done!black groutBlack grout has now been added to the list of things that I am not allowed to decorate with ever again.
  • Next we will finish decorating the lounge and then start the guest babies bedroom. I might do a wee post on my ideas and inspiration for it. Or will that be really boring? I hope not!
  • And finally, does anyone remember this amazing mid century house in Kent that I blogged about back in 2014? It has gone back on the market again and the current owners have ripped out the original kitchen! Whaa! I mean, its still an awesome house that I would be more than happy to move into, if I could afford it, and I could pick it up and move its location to where I live now. At least they kept the original upper kitchen units though. And I still have a lot of love for this house even with its new updates. Check out the listing here.

How it looked in 2014

Currently in 2016. Both images from via

Currently in 2016. Both images from via

  • And talking of retro kitchens and interiors, here is a Instagram account to follow full of retro Swedish kitchens and interiors if you like that kind of thing!

Dreamy Crib Alert 4

The other day I was having a little digital clear out and I found a link that I saved. Its of an amazing mid century house that was up for sale in America which I planned to feature on my “Dreamy Cribs” series.

Lets just forget that the last time I published a dreamy crib post was back in February 2015  and all collectively drool over this gorgeous pad!

I love this amazing house for many reasons  – 1) Because its awesome. 2) Because the house was up for sell for only £133,000 (Seriously. For real! If I was brave enough and knew what Michigan City, Indiana was like, I would move there in a heartbeat!) And 3) because the house has lots of yellow in it!*

*Because I had a moment the other day, when I thought to myself – “have I got too much yellow in my house?”…..The answer is no. Of course not. There is no such thing. This house proves once and for all that you can never have too much yellow!!!


The colourful ouside is dreamy. Plus I would only have to say to Rob two words to get him to move to this house – “Double garage” and he would be sold!



I love the tulip dining set and the teak sideboard.


Why would you not paint your louvred wardrobe doors bright yellow?


Change the bedding to some Orla Kiely covers and this bedroom could easily be updated.


I pressume that this is the original kitchen to the house. The simple walnut cabinets might not be to everybodies taste but I love them!


This must be the covered patio area that a lot of American homes have. Change the furniture, scatter a few pot plants about and maybe install a mini bar in the corner. Perfect!



All images from orignally from

Dreamy Crib Alert 3

While compiling my Design Classic post about the Cross blanket I revisited my post about Papa Bear Chairs to insert the link, and it made me remember just how amazing Rachel Griffiths’s mid century LA home is.

So amazing, that it deserves its very own post!

What I love about the house is that this is a mid century home thats not a shrine to the past. Its a home that has been bought up to date to accommodate her families needs, but yet still holds onto its original features. Like the fireplace, the large windows (although updated with modern glazing, Im sure) and the wooden panelling on the walls which has been painted white for a lighter, brighter look. Then filled with modern furnishings, all complimented with a few tasteful pieces of furniture from the homes original era (Papa Bear chairs! Bertoia chair! Eames unit!) and with a cheeky Ikea lampshade in the office thrown in for good measure!

Rachel Griffiths Im loving your work!exterior17french-doorsdramatic-rug-1garden-patio-areahome-office51living-areaLiving-room69open-plan-kitchen7white-and-pink-bedroom
All images taken from

Design Classic: Pia Wallen Cross Blanket

I was thinking of starting a little series on here about design classics. In a way I have already set the ball rolling with my posts about Ollie Eskell’s Cocoa Eyes poster, Welsh blankets and the Papa Bear chair. So I might as well add another tag to my collection and try to make my future posts a little more professional!

I am not an expert on design by any means, but I know what I like and I do like to gush on here about the things that I love! And if this gets me blogging more, then its all good!

If you have read my blog before then you will know that I am a big fan of all things mid century modern, in particular the furniture and the architecture from the period.

Today I am going to write about an item that was designed in 2011*!

I know, I know, shock horror, not an item from the mid century period!

But as well as being a fan of interiors from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, I also love Scandinavian inspired interiors. One of my design heroes is Anna Dorfman from the Door Sixteen blog. I love how she has decorated her house and apartments over the years. She mixes mid century pieces, with stuff from Ikea in such an inspired way that makes me want to paint all my walls black (which really wouldn’t work in my house) and copy everything she does! It was Anna who first introduced me to todays design classic the Pia Wallen Cross blanket. She is obsessed with it and owns one which looks amazing in her bedroom.

At first, I was a bit ‘meh’ about this blanket. You could take it or leave it as far as I was concerned. But over the years, just like the Eyes poster, it has really grown on me. It is simple, beautiful, graphic, neural and, in my opinion, has become a classic with its timeless design that works well in a variety of interior styles and will never go out of style.

It is eyewateringly expensive though. I would never pay 1888SEK (with the postage it works out to around £154) for what is essentially just a fleece blanket which my cat would ruin. I don’t care how limited they are and ethical the bloody cotton used to make them is! And dont get me started about how expensive the original Crux blankets are! I cant even bare to think about the cost of them without needing to sit down with a brown paper bag in case I have a panic attack!**

To be honest, I love them, but I don’t aspire to own one. I don’t think that it would fit in with my bedrooms decor. I am quite content to admire Cross blankets from afar on blogs and Pinterest. I would much rather a Welsh blanket. One day I will find one cheap in a charity shop. A girl can dream eh!

Click on all images for links to the original posts and credits to photographers and sources.

Image from

Image from

Image from

Image from

image from

image from

Image from

Image from

And two images of the original Crux blanket from Pia Wallen

Image from

Image from

Image from

Image from

However, there is a way of owning a bit of Swedish cross action without needing to remorgage your home. This cushion from Ikea is similar in style. Ok not really, but it is monochrome, Swedish and kind of a cross pattern! I own this cushion and am very fond of it for its easy on the eye pattern. It blends well in so many different interior settings. (Read that as this cushion is everywhere as pretty much everyone owns one. However, it always looks good!)

The Stockholm cushion. Image from

The Stockholm cushion. Image from

Our sofa with our Ikea cushion

Our sofa with our Ikea cushion

Image from I love everything about this photo! The Marrimekko bowl on the coffee table, the Eames bird, the cheeky WG vase and Hornsea plant pot peeking out in the corners!

Image from I love everything about this photo! The Marimekko bowl on the coffee table, the Eames bird, the cheeky WG vase and the Hornsea plant pot peeking out on the edges!

*The original Crux Blanket was designed in 1999. The cheaper Cross blanket with the smaller crosses was launched in 2011.
**£774.80 before postage if you are interested.

Dreamy Crib Alert 2

Here is a little festive treat for all you fans of mid century architecture and interiors out there!

I spotted this house tour on Apartment Therapy and it induced a bad case of house envy. I love everything about it! The outside, the layout, the furniture, the art work, the ceramics. Its all so dreamy!

All images from apartmenttheraphy.com141216 Bobbie-1141216 Bobbie-2141216 Bobbie-5141216 Bobbie-6141216 Bobbie-8141216 Bobbie-14141216 Bobbie-31141216 Bobbie-33For more images of the house please check out this link on the owners website and this link to Its such a gorgeous pad. Im smitten!

Dreamy Crib Alert

I try not to do too many of these type of posts. You know, just copy and pasting stuff I have seen online.

There are many reasons why I don’t, including I am not 100% sure about the legal side of things, and mainly that there are thousands, nay millions of other bloggers who do a much better job at this type of thing than me!

But this house is just too good not to share!

I saw this house last month on Wowhaus and immediately fell in love with it. I sent Rob the link and he immediately fell in love with it. Although he did comment that the photos look a bit staged as the furnishing are so in keeping and stylish. Yup! I totally agree (with the stylish part)! In fact the only thing Rob and I disagreed on was the kitchen tiles. He would rip them out, where as I would keep them.

It truly is a lottery win type of dream house for both of us. The only problem is that it is in Folkestone. A town that I have recently visited and have added to my ever growing ‘towns that I do not want to live in if I can help it’ list.

Ah well nothing is perfect eh! Lets just all admire the photos below and bask in all the mid century goodness. Soaking up the beautiful wooden panelling, the original (I think) pendant lamps, the amazing staircase, the Hornsea and Le Crueset pieces in the kitchen and the stylish, well thought out furnishings.

All photos are taken from, plus there are a few more images here if you want to see more.24bDSC_0394bDSC_0409bDSC_0626kkDSC_0475lDSC_0562tDSC_0430

Design Classic – Cocoa Eyes

Back in the late noughties when I first started reading blogs, in particular interior blogs like Apartment Therapy, Decor8 and Design Sponge etc, the Keep Calm poster was everywhere.

Fast forward to 2014 and the bloggers favourite words of wisdom in the form of a print has all but disappeared (overkill maybe?) These days blogland is currently obsessed with house plants, that moon postermacrame wall hangings, the Its Ok banner and everything yellow.

All things that I heartily approve of.

However, I do try to not let myself get too influenced by the internet trends, overwise this would happen – A) I would be broke after spending a fortune on Etsy and vintage stuff. B) My house would be filled to the brim with lots of bad half finished DIY projects involving neon washi tape and gold spray paint. C) My house would sort of look like everybody else’s on the internet.

Image from Original sources linked in post.

Image from Original sources linked in post.

However……I really want this poster! Maybe you have spotted this distinctive poster around the internet and in interior magazines from time to time. Its a bit of a strange poster really, just two staring eyes on a plain background. But the clean lines and simplicity of this print really appeal to me. The more I see it, the more I like it. It has really grown on me!

Image from

Image from

Image from

I think it would look perfect hanging in our bedroom. (Full tour coming… guessed it soon!!)

Recently I finally discovered the name of this poster. By discovered, I really mean that I read it on a blog. Its Cocoa Eyes by Swedish graphic designer Olle Eskell. I did some further research and discovered that was designed by him in 1954 for a Swedish Cocoa company.

So yeah, designed in the 1950’s and graphic. What more could I want? Its perfect for our home!

P.S Check out this Pinterest board!

Good Reads Part 1

Lets talk books baby. Big, beautiful books with big, beautiful, bootilicious, drool-some pictures in them.

I love non fiction books. Especially books about mid century modern design, interiors and architecture. The more pictures in them, the better if you ask me.

These days I rarely buy magazines, I prefer to pay a bit extra for a decent book that won’t end up in the recycling pile, that I can keep on my bookshelf (never on the coffee table!) and that I can browse through again and again. I like to source my books secondhand through Abebooks, Ebay, the Amazon Marketplace and charity shops because its the cheaper and greener option! (So then my books are not that much more expensive than most mags, honest!)

Here are some of my favourite books and recommendations for mid century freaks and geeks like pile

Orla Kiely – Home

Rob got me this book for Xmas last year and I love it so much! It is a great introduction to the world of all things MCM, beautifully laid out with amazing photographs of Ms Kiely’s own personal favourite nick nacks, her lovely home products, her own home and plenty of other authentic mid century and gorgeous new build home tours that will give you a serious case of house envy.orla book

a random page of goodness I selected to badly photograph

A random page of goodness I selected to badly photograph!


Wayne Hemingway – Cocktail Shakers, Lava Lamps an Tupperware

This book is all about the less than stylish side of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. A look back at the mass market classic products that filled every British home back in the day, like sandwich toasters, furry toilet seat covers, kitschy art from Woolworths and much, much more! Its a laugh at the bad taste-goodness from the past! Please note that this is exactly the same book as Mass Market Classics, just with a different cover and title. However you can pick this version of the book up much cheaper through Amazon’s marketplace.

Just look at that cheesy cover - whats not to love!

Just look at that cheesy cover – whats not to love!

Mid Century Modern – Bradley Quinn

Another book that will make you want to go crazy with the credit card and fill your house with lovely stuff. My only criticism of this book is that the text is a little dull. Now, I am slightly obsessed with the subject matter, but even I found it a struggle to read. I managed to read it from cover to cover no less, and learnt a few things. So its all good. Buy it to look at the pictures again and again. And again.mcm book

Decorative Art 50’s – Charlotte and Peter Fiell

This book is like the Argos catalogue of mid century goodness. Read it and weep peeps! And thats my shit, uneducated book review for you!
No seriously, there is so much eye candy in this compilation of the The Studio Year Book of Decorative Art from Taschen. I have the 60’s version in my book collection and I would love the 70’s version to complete my collection. (HUGE BIRTHDAY HINT ALERT!)50's book

Case Study Houses – Elizabeth A T Smith

I love post war modernist architecture. Particularly American ranch homes. This book is a compact version of Taschen’s larger (and out of my book buying budget) special edition on the case study houses. Each house featured looks retro, yet still modern and is pretty much my dream house. Its unbelievable to think that some of these groundbreaking homes have been pulled down and no longer exist!

Tulip chair, swimming pool and a gorgeous house built around a tree - what a lucky couple on the cover!

Tulip chair, swimming pool and a gorgeous house built around a tree – what a lucky couple on the cover!

Design Classic – Welsh Blankets

Around two years ago I started subscribing to Mid Century magazine, and amongst all the amazing articles and home tours, I spotted my first Welsh blanket.

Its funny, I showed a magazine to my Mum and mentioned how much I liked the blanket in the picture. Her reply was something along the lines of “ugggh, we’ve had all that type of stuff before and we were glad to get rid of it!!!”

Sometimes she just does not get my love of good bad-taste! If you are interested, here is a B+W Instagram snap of a vintage blanket that used to belong to my grandparents that I now own and love. One persons trash is another persons treasure eh!

At the time I had no idea that the blankets I was admiring were specifically Welsh blankets. A craft industry product which still to this day are woven in local Welsh mills and are so bloody expensive! Have you seen how much these bad boys go for on eBay? Or brand new?

One day I might treat myself to one. In the mean time here is a visual treat of welsh blankets looking damm fine in other peoples houses.

image from design sponge

image from design sponge. I love this sneak peek!Image from Another dreamy blanket from another dreamy home tour.Image from Another dreamy blanket from another dreamy home tour.Image from anther amazing holiday let!Image from an amazing holiday let!Image from An amazing holiday let!Image from Another amazing holiday let!

Want to feast your eyes on more tasty bedrooms? Then check out my Pinterest board where I lost a few hours down the internet rabbit hole one rainy Sunday afternoon!