Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Quit Slackin’ and Make S…


Beaver art print 5×7


Home Is Wherever I’m Wit…


Sleeping Under the Stars A4 …


Elvis Presley 11×14 print- m…


Smile (A3 Yellow)


Dream Big Art Print // 8×10


Good Night -Hand Printed Let…


Over the sea… Art print


I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to decorating our bedroom. So while Rob is busy sanding plastered walls and glossing skirting boards, I thought I would make an little Etsy treasury list of what I might like to hang on the walls. After all, I like to do my bit, its a team effort all the way in our household!

Normally I am drawn towards brightly coloured, graphical prints, but for our bedroom I find myself pulled towards more whimsical art with inspirational messages and dare I say it, art with an almost romantic theme.* – I know, such a cliche in the bedroom!

Let me explain some of my choices. I like the message in the top lefthand corner print, its the kind of pep talk I need every morning. The beaver is because I am juvenile enough to find it funny to have a picture of a beaver on the wall (snort!) I love the sentiment of the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song, its very sweet. And the stars (2nd row 1st left) and the sea print (3rd row 1st right) are the kind of art I want on the walls to stare into and to induce dreamy dreams.

*Maybe deep down I am a big softie after all. I am the girl who rolls her eyes at other peoples PDA’s and gags at flowers, milk tray, diamond rings, poems and all that other stuff I am supposed to like and want because I am a girl apparently.

Vintage Pyrex Etsy Treasury

2 Vintage Retro Pyrex Snowfl…


Vintage Pyrex Daisy round ca…


20% SALE Storewide / 50s Cas…


Vintage Pyrex Spring Blossom…


Set of 2 1960’s JAJ Pyre…


Pyrex Bluebird Turquoise Whi…


Stack of 4 Pyrex Bowls Art P…


Vintage Atomic Retro Cloud S…


Retro Kitchen Shelves PDF Em…


Pink Pyrex Vintage Divided O…


Glass and Plastic Cup


Vintage Pyrex Platter Steak …


Yep love and want it all.

Maybe not the PDF sewing pattern though, I struggle to thread a needle let alone sew something cute!

So far I have blogged about my own Pyrex collection here and here.

Whales Are Awesome

I have recently ordered a new print for the kitchen from Etsy. While on the site I was looking at the favourites I had saved in my account, and realised that quite a few items were whale themed!

So the perfect excuse to compile a little treasury, no?

by the sea – a little whale …


Whales – vintage educational…


Whale Trip Art Print — 11×1…


narwhal laptop decal


Keep Calm and Love Whales (W…


Humpback Whale Necklace


Blue Whale – Mens / Unisex T…


Happy Manatee Necklace


every drop in the ocean coun…


A Vegan Science Lesson and a Vegan Dinner

I love me some Etsy as you might have already guessed from this blog. I heart Etsy so much in fact that I willingly signed up to most of their mailing lists. This product was on the Etsy “dudes” email I received a few days ago.

Poor Kermit

This is why I love Etsy, for all its extreme crafting. It is not just about the nice knits like granny squares and wrist worms. Now the squeamish cannot get out of their biology lessons anymore!

Also here is a vegan recipe for when you are free-styling cooking with no kitchen.


  • 6 carrots
  • 1 quarter of a squash you got to use up
  • 1 small potato
  • 1 vegetable stock cube
  • Half an onion leftover from cheese and onion crumpets the other day when you had a cooker *sigh*
  • water
  • curry powder


Spend 10 minutes looking for your slow cooker, find said slow cooker in mess piled on dining room table under dust sheet. Clean dust off slow cooker. Go to top of stairs landing space and plug in slow cooker, fill kettle from bathroom sink and boil it on top of washing machine plugged into an extension cord in the dining room. Drop stock cube straight in slow cooker. Pour in boiled water after carefully carrying kettle upstairs. Gather remaining vegetables from fridge in the lounge and locate knife and chopping board from spare bedroom. Chop veg, plonk in slow cooker. Switch on slow cooker and leave soup cooking for 5odd hours. After cooking time find your hand blender then bung it in the slow cooker bowl then try to blend soup without it splattering everywhere and fail. Try to blend every last lump of chopped veg and fail. Realise that you forgot to add the spices earlier. Add a little bit too much curry powder by tipping it straight in the soup instead of using a measuring spoon. Serve and enjoy. Voila!

soup landing ahoy!

BTW I am not vegan but for what ever reason I really enjoy reading vegan food blogs. I almost feel as if I am absorbing some of their healthy, nutritious vibes through my computer screen, because if I served Rob lentils for dinner he would leave me!



Kitchen Wants From Etsy

Rob and I are currently in the middle of ripping out our old crumbly kitchen to fit in our shiny new one which we ordered today from the evil blue and yellow maze – sorry – Ikea. Plus I ordered a dishwasher too! Whoop! I cant wait!

Tomorrow our old broken cooker comes out and gets donated to the pikeys – sorry scrap metal collectors – and the washing machine and sink will be disconnected. Eek, I have not yet ordered our new oven! I will be attempting to cook meals with a George foreman, a rice cooker and a slow cooker (I don’t have a microwave) on a camping table from now on. I will have to be pretty resourceful me thinks, but I have done it before for a week when the cooker was broken and I still cannot face anymore panini’s!

While we are in the middle of the during phase, I like to daydream about filling my future kitchen full of lots of baking and vintage paraphernalia. Here is a Etsy treasury that I created, but sadly I do not have the budget or the space for all of these items, but a girl can dream!

5×7 Art Print – Vintage Pyre…


Kitchen Aid Baby, You Spin M…


Cupcake T-shirt – Baking is …


Vintage Bake More Cake Lette…


retro mixer print 8 x 12 Lif…


Pyrex Daisy Print


Adorable Pink Cupcake Cross …


Retro 1950s Kitchen Pink and…


lidded bowl happy sandwich (…


Kitchen Art Print – Retro Ke…


8×10 Keep Calm and Bake On p…


Retro Vintage Pink Kitchen…..


Vintage Butterprint Pyrex Mi…


Sagaform Retro Tea Pot print…


Custom Wedding Cake Stand – …


Zombie Valentine

This print makes my heart a flutter! It is valentines day today incase you had’nt heard. I don’t celebrate it, but Rob ironed my uniform ready for my new job this morning, and I am going to attempt to make my first ever chicken pie from scratch for him tonight. These are the kind of sweet thoughtful and practical things we do for each other everyday, not just today!

This romantic print below is from the dizzylittledotty store on Etsy. It kind of reminds me of those fabric softener dolly’s from a few years back.

Some people have phobias of spiders or snakes. I have a an irrational fear of zombies, thankfully I have not come across one while out and about yet. But you never know what is lurking around the corner! I got the fear big time!

Zombies are not just after one thing


Got It Wrong Again!

I have been informed that something I have been doing for as long as I can remember is wrong.  The informer, my other half Rob said that I should not be putting two spaces after a full stop.  It just needs one like after a comma.

Also I put two returns in for each new paragraph – wrong you just need one!  This is going to be a hard habit to break, I have failed on this blog post!

Here is a little Etsy treasury for you.

Apparently the way I type is the old fashion typewriter way.  But I like typewriters!

Small Typewriter Brooch – Yo…


Smith-Corona SILENT SUPER ma…


Royal Quiet DeLuxe Manual Tu…


Write on, Vintage Typewriter…


Words of Wisdom – Hand-Cut S…


Retro image pendant necklace…


Vintage Typewriter Illustrat…


Jewelry with Typewriter Keys…


Drawing – Illustration – Pri…


Bright Yellow Triumph Typewr…


Typewriter Key Ring – Initia…


Keep Calm and Type On (Typew…