One Last Post About Our Last House

Just for my own records so that I can look back at things on here, I want to share the estate agents images of our last house.

Its always interesting to see pictures of your house taken from another persons perspective. The agent that we used to sell our old house did not send a ‘professional’ photographer round (like some of the other agents used as a selling point for their services!) We used one of the cheaper online estate agents and the local expert did a decent enough job with her little compact camera.
old hose frontold loungeold dining roomold kitchen 1old kitchen 2old bedroomold bathroomold garden

The New House – The Main Bedroom

So when I said that this house doesn’t need any work done to it and that we could move straight into it, I was telling the truth.

Except with us being us, we like to create extra work for ourselves and to complicate things!

Within a few days of living in our new house, we had changed our plans from just moving in and giving the place a quick lick of paint at some point, to completely redecorating the whole place!

Luckily, the difference with this house and our last Kent house is that this house just needs* the wall colours, light fittings, curtains and flooring changed. Rather than having to strip it back to its bare bones, replacing woodwork, plastering walls, replacing the kitchen and bathroom and totally renovating the whole house, with this house we can just decorate/de-magnoliaify the whole place and turn it into the stylish modern-retro influenced pad of my dreams.

Phew, well I hope so anyway!

We have also given ourselves the deadline of the end of 2016 to get this house shipshape and how we want it. We are not going to procrastinate and take six years to (almost) finish decorating a house like last time. It scares me how expensive this year will be, but once its done, its done. Then we can relax and enjoy ourselves – I hope!

Anyway, as per usual, the main bedroom has turned into a PITA to decorate! We are currently camped out in the second bedroom living out of boxes while we decorate it and we should be in there by mid June, fingers crossed.

When we moved in the room was done well, with decent laminate flooring and some very nice built in fitted wardrobes that the previous owner had left behind.

20160513_18114720160513_181154Any normal sane person would have been very happy with the room, but you know me, I am a fussy so and so, and I much preferred my own wardrobes and I wanted to have them in the room instead!

Luckily Rob was on board with me, plus he wanted carpet in the room, so we set about changing things up!IMG_2428

We were going to sell the existing bedroom furniture, but I wanted to offer them to our friends FOC first, and we managed to find a taker who was very happy with them.IMG_2427IMG_2426

Unfortunately when the furniture was removed, behind them was a huge crack in the wall, a dodgy plug, no skirting board and many different shades of wall paint, so the redecorating has taken a little longer and gotten a bit more complicated than we had hoped for!IMG_2433IMG_2431IMG_2441IMG_2440IMG_2439IMG_2430

But this kind of thing is no sweat for Rob, as he is very handy and has dealt with it all before. The new carpet is being fitted on Saturday and some new vertical blinds are on order (which were not as expensive as I thought they would be!)

If you can imagine it, my plans for this room are to recreate my last dining room! I know that sounds weird, but I want the same white walls, the same yellow accessories, the same prints hung on the walls and the same Sanderson Dandelion Clocks curtains (that is when they finally come back into stock on the John Lewis website and I can order them!)

I said to Rob, that if I am losing my dining room, I want to recreate it in one of the bedrooms! He muttered something about that blue lady painting being a bit too freaky for the bedroom, but tough luck mate, you have no choice on this one! And frankly, those curtains are far too pretty (and too flipping expensive!) to be wasted in the guest bedroom!

Once this room is finished, I will share the outcome on here. And hopefully by then, I will be able to upload some slightly better quality images!!! BTW We have already finished decorating the smallest bedroom/home office and the update will be shared on here at some point soon!

*Well it doesn’t really need changing, we just want to do it!

The New House – The lounge

Today I am going to share one of the more exciting rooms in our new house – the lounge/diner.

You know that book that the internet loves so much? Well, Marie Kondo would be very proud of me because I have shed a whole room from my life!

We have no dining room in this house. But you know what? I am not bothered because although the dining room was my favourite room in the old house decor wise, we hardly ever used it. Instead we were naughty as we used to eat our dinner on our laps in front of the telly instead of sitting at the dining table!

Well, there will be no excuses for doing that in this house, as we can now sit at the table and watch the box. Especially when my new sofa is delivered in 15 weeks time!

One of the biggest selling points for me with the new house was its large windows, and our new lounge has the biggest window in the house.

And when I say big, I mean big!

Part of me knows that its going to be hard to decorate around, will cost a small fortune in window cleaners each month, will be a nightmare trying to find some new curtains for and the room will probably be freezing in the winter because of it. But who cares!

With these windows I can pretend that I live in a mid century modernist architecturally designed dreamy crib or something, instead of a pretty ordinary 1969 house built on an ordinary housing estate! We also have great views here, but Im sorry, I have closed the blinds in my photos for privacy and security reasons.

Here are some photos taken just after we got the keys, while we were waiting for the removal lorry to arrive.empty lounge 1empty lounge 2empty lounge 3

Unfortunately our furniture just doesn’t really work in this room. I had high hopes that that I could use my sideboard as a TV unit where ever we moved to. But I have to admit that it just doesn’t work. Its too big for the room and dominates it for all the wrong reasons. So its going to have to be sold and replaced with something smaller (but still retro and cute I hope). Plus the Gplan coffee table is going (again, its too big for the room), so is the dining table (Robs restoration attempt ruined it many years ago), the dining chairs (they were once white, but have now discoloured into a yucky creamy/nicotine off yellow colour) and I also need a bigger shelving unit for my growing MCM book collection, so the Gplan unit is going as well.

Plus the carpet, light fitting, fire, mantle piece and curtains will all be changed, and the room will be repainted more to our taste when funds allow.

Phew, so pretty much everything that you see in this room will be different at some point in the future!


Rob is currently working from the dining table until his office is sorted!



Fear not, the pictures and clocks are not staying where they are. Rob just hung them on some random picture hooks left behind by the previous owner.


Sorry for the darkness of this photo, but it gives an idea of the current layout of the room.


Up To The Table!

I have a new mid century obsession! And much like my interest in Aussie MCM, its one that requires a little bit of effort on my part to research it….

….And by effort, I mean that I need to do a bit more Googling than usual as there is no Wikipedia page on the subject that I am currently fixated with.

Anyway, my latest MCM obsession is Arkana furniture!

Anyone heard of it?

Not me, until recently anyway!

Let me explain how this all started. I was googling how much an Eero Saarinen Tulip table would cost. I have always liked the look of them and quite fancy one myself. Designed around 1955 these stylish tables and chairs are associated with the 60’s space age era and a design classic.

Eero Saarinen tulip table and chairs. Image from

Eero Saarinen tulip table and chairs. Image from

Eero Saarinen tulip table and chairs. Image from

Eero Saarinen tulip table and chairs. Image from

Obviously I cannot afford a vintage or current Tulip table made by a licensed manufacturer, so a knock off cheap and nasty, plastic, reproduction would be my only option.

But then I came across various Arkana dining tables and chairs listed on Ebay. From what I can gather, it seems that Arkana were a British manufacturer in the 1960’s and 1970’s that basically ripped off Saarinen’s Tulip designs. So there is a chance that I might be able to afford a genuine knock-off vintage piece from the era!

Image from

Arkana table and chairs. Image from

Arkana table and chairs. Image from

Arkana table and chairs. Image from

Now I don’t condone copying in any shape or form, especially when it comes to MCM design* – has anyone else noticed the amount of fugly chairs out there with Eames shells, but with different legs?  Yuck! Just no really, please stop messing with perfection!

But for some reason this furniture does not offend me. Maybe its because its British (the factory was in Falkirk, Scotland and the head office in Bath) and was designed by someone called Maurice Burke? I mean, can you get a more British and seventies and un-designer-like sounding name than Maurice Burke?!!

Or maybe its because Arkana seem to be a bit of an underdog in the history of MCM British furniture design that have been almost forgotten about?

To be honest, I think I slightly prefer the four legged look of the Arkana Tulip chairs rather than the original Saarrinen designed Tulip base. But that’s just me. And I do love both designs!

For now, this post contains all the information that I can find on the company and its pieces. I am guessing that back in the day they made relatively high end, expensive furniture. My guess was made only because not a lot of people owned their pieces (or rather, there is is not a lot of it around today) and Arkana are not as well known as other furniture manufacturers of the same era, like G Plan or Ercol.

What pieces I have found on the internet are pretty swish. They are of the era and they scream 1960’s/1970’s, but thats what I love about them. You can just imagine people sitting around them in polo necks, with huge framed glasses, interesting facial hair, eating fondue and talking rubbish drinking mass produced cheap white wine all night long. And doing the same thing back in the 70’s too! Boom boom!!!**

Image from Pinterest via

Image from Pinterest via

Also designed by Maurice Burke in the 60’s is the Mushroom table and chairs. Which I was not super keen on at first, but it has grown on me more and more. A bit like a fungi. (Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself!)

Image from

Image from

Image from Pinterest (sorry not sure of original source)

Image from Pinterest (sorry not sure of original source)

Image from

Image from

And we have the Safari or Chelsea chair.

Image from

Image from

We also have this chair designed by Geoffrey Harcourt and manufactured by Arkana in the 70’s. Not to my taste, but I can appreciate its design appeal and retro factor.

Image from

Image from

P.S I consulted my collection of MCM design books and the only mention of Maurice Burke or Arkana that I could find was a credit in a photo for the table top in a home tour on page 501 in Mid Century Modern Complete by Dominic Bradbury.

P.P.S I found a Facebook appreciation page with a grand total of 47 likes!

*I will make an exception for pretty milk glass cake stands though!

**Sorry, its far too easy to make fun of hipsters!

Lately #15

Here is what I have been up to lately –

We went camping again for another one night quickie trip. This time was with my sister, her family and my parents who stayed in a glamping pod as my Mother refuses to camp. And we remembered to take our towels this time! We stayed near Stonegate in East Sussex in a lovely little campsite that was for Camping and Caravanning club members only. Oops! I did not realise that small detail when I booked it, and I felt really guilty and like a fraud when I filled in our details in the paperwork when we got there! Ah well, hopefully, they will never check us out!!

My one and only snap of our break

My one and only snap of our break

Spotting some knock off Pyrex Cinderella bowls in TK Maxx. I could not believe my eyes when I saw these amongst the official Pyrex! I cannot remember the manufacturer of them, but needless to say, they were made in China, the land of cheap counterfeit goodies!

Apologies for the terrible mobile snap. I am due an upgrade!

Apologies for the terrible quality mobile snap. I am due an upgrade soon!

Washing my hair with Dr Bronners. I would love give low poo or no poo a go, but my hair is quite fine and greasy, so I always cave in and reach for my bottle of SLS and paraban free shampoo. Recently, I found some Dr Bronners at a discounted price in my local TK Maxx store, and I love it! Its great as a shower gel too. You only need a few drops as it foams up loads so a bottle will last for ages. I love all the hippy stuff about it, like that its not tested on animals, vegan and completely biodegradable. It also opens up lots of homemade cleaning solution options, but to be honest I will probably just stick to using Wilko’s cheap ready made white vinegar and liquid soda crystal solution to keep things cheap and easy!

Eating homemade lollies to survive the heat. I made the simplest of simple homemade lollies by just juicing a bowl of oranges and pouring the juice into my moulds and freezing them. Its a refreshing (if a little sticky) treat full of vitamin C and much nicer than the sugary alternatives in the supermarkets. And so simple! I cannot believe that I did not think of doing this before! Disclaimer – this was not my good idea. I saw it on someones blog!

Hand model I aint!

Hand model I aint!

Acquiring a new blog obsession. Like I need another, eh! But now, alongside my usual lifestyle, 30 something British lifestyle, mid century modern, vintage, food, frugal and Pyrex blog collections in my Feedly feed (I love saying Feedly feed BTW!) I now have a new category – Cycling and fitness blogs! I guess a lot of people might think that reading these kind of blogs would make you feel inferior because you never work out and feel like a fat bastard because you prefer to eat cake to kale (or is that just me that I am talking about here?) but I must be immune to all that stuff, because I find them really positive and inspiring! I am so pleased with my new blog discoveries that I might write up a little completion of them in a post on here soon. So many blogs about so many women being happy and enjoying life, it would be rude not to share the blog love!

We had our new flooring fitted yesterday. I am so pleased with it! We are nowhere near finished with the decorating yet, but I have shared a little sneak peek of the progress so far below. We replaced the crappy laminate that we inherited in the hallway when we moved in 5 years ago, along with the kitchen flooring and the carpet in the dining room. Whats that I hear? Didn’t you just put in new carpet in the dining room and vinyl down in the kitchen not that long ago? Yes, we did, but from the minute we laid down the kitchen flooring, I hated it. It was too dark and ridiculously hard to keep clean. I put up with it for three years (yes it really is three years since we decorated the kitchen!) Finally, we sucked it up and accepted that we made a bad choice with the flooring (or rather I convinced Rob to change it) and we set about fixing it. Next came a few stressful window shopping trips around flooring places. Agh! Too many options! Too many colours! Too expensive! But eventually, I decided that I wanted pale, neutral coloured flooring, and we found some we both liked in the first shop we looked around!
Regarding the carpet in the dining room, it is being relocated upstairs to the smaller spare bedroom. We found that the dining chairs were slowly ruining it with their pointy feet, and laminate is much more practical for times like when the cat throws up in there (she always chooses that room for some reason) and when I am feeding my nephews etc (they are messy little rascals, believe me!). Plus Rob needs a bib when he eats sometimes too.

Top row - the concrete floors hath returned! Bottom row - a little look at the progress we have made. It also needs cleaning FML!

Top row – the concrete floors hath returned!
Bottom row – a little look at the progress we have made. It also needs cleaning ATM!

Pyrex 2001 Casserole Bowls

In my three years of blogging I have talked about my love of vintage Pyrex on here occasionally. And there always seems to be a parallel, the more that I think and blog about Pyrex, the more I want all the Pyrex!

In the last year or so I have been trying to cool down my collecting and buying stuff that I don’t need in general (no I haven’t read this book). So hence the lack of Pyrex and vintage posts on here. But for the next few posts I am going to go full steam ahead and talk about my favourite obsession and try not to let this happen in my kitchen!

I mentioned in a comment in my last post that a couple of years ago I bought a lot of Pyrex online, and the Pyrex that I am sharing today was bought from Ebay. Some might call that cheating. I just wanted a nice collection to display in my kitchen quickly and cheaply. I never pay above £10 (inc postage) for a piece and the two dishes I am blogging about today were well below that sum. If you are patient and lucky you might still be able to snap up vintage Pyrex for around that figure, but I have found in the last few years that more and more people are collecting Pyrex, and the prices have shot up considerably both in charity shops and online (sob).

I also wanted to buy some pieces that if I ever went off of Pyrex (heaven forbid), I could sell on and not lose money. So I made a point of buying the 2001 casserole bowls as an investment.

And because they are pretty of course!

I do love bold colours and graphic prints and the 2001 dishes appeal to me because of this. Unfortunately, because the pattern is on the top of the lid I have not figured out a way to display them on my shelves. Doh!double pyrex

The Pyrex 2001 dishes were launched around 1970 in two different colours, with a wooden stand and with a guarantee until December 2001 that they would not wear out. I guess the new millennium sounded far off and futuristic in the 70’s! And indeed back then, a lot of people thought that the 2001 Pyrex dishes might end up as collectors items, because its quite easy to find them still in their original boxes and unused fairly cheap online. So much for my investment!

My orange 2001 dish came with its original box (sorry not pictured, its up in the loft) and a wooden stand and is in mint pyrexMy teal 2001 has a few small marks on it, but I am happy to have it to own the pair.teal pyrexI think they look rather cool together with their retro flower power graphics and seventies colours.stacked pyrexnice pyrex

My Milk Glass Cake Stand

I thought to myself recently “my blogs got a bit show ‘n’ tell lately. I must stop going on about stuff I have bought“.

And I will do. Right after I share my indulgent purchase of the month with you, that is!

I justify this post because I think a lot of us bloggers and blog readers like stuff like pretty cakes, pretty nik-naks and a right good bargain.

Do read on if you are a fan of Vintage Pyrex, Hazel Atlas, Phoenix Opalware, Anchor Hocking Fire King, Jadeite and milk glass in general. And do read on if you have long admired the cake stands that they use as props on The Great British Bake Off and that seem to be in every photograph in every baking recipe book ever.

Look away now if you are concerned about the environmental problems with cheap consumer goods manufactured in China* and the copyright issues and ethics behind knock off goods….

Cos I got me one of these!milk glass cake stand

As Wayne and Garth would say “schwing!!”milk glass cakey

Thanks to a heads up from French for Cupcake on Instagram, I am the proud owner of a 10″ fake milk glass cake (that is actually glass not ceramic) for £9.99! They had loads at my local branch. I ummed and ahhed about what size and colour to get, and I did consider buying a few more to maybe sell on Ebay. But I would feel a right **** doing that. Its all very well selling vintage bits and bobs, as they tend to be one of a kind, but I could never rip people off with something that they could buy in a shop around the corner from themselves. Note to self – this is why I will never be rich. I am not ruthless enough!

Dodgy camera phone pic

Dodgy camera phone pic

I have long admired these cake stands and I am so pleased to own one now, and so chuffed that I saved loads of money with a much cheaper identical version!

I think to celebrate, instead of baking my usual healthy-sugar free-bananary-oaty-peanut buttery-type of slice, I need to bake something photogenic involving lots of layers, food colouring and a shed load of butter cream!

Image from Click on picture for source.

Image from Click on picture for source.

* It had a sticker on the bottom saying ‘made in China’. The real deal cake stands are made (by hand) by Mosser Glass in America.

Lately #13

Well didn’t January just fly by, eh! And didn’t I half waffle on and on about dates and flapjacks in my last blog post, eh!

Right, its time for another little round up on my thoughts and what’s been happening recently. Thankfully shortened into much more reader friendly bullet points! Phew!

  • This post, that I found via the Little Birdie blog, brilliantly sums up everything that I could possibly say about how I view blogging.
  • I really want to go to this exhibition. I have to wait until October though.
  • I decided not to enter the London to Brighton bike ride. Because, err, you know, the whole 56 mile thing. Talk about running before you can walk! Plus the £40 entry fee is a bit steep. So I am going to enter Rob has entered me into this 35 mile event instead. I need a goal and something to motivate me to get off the sofa and move more. Just as soon as it warms up a bit that is. I still have 6 months to prepare for it right?
  • During January I just basically sat on my arse. No swimming, no bike rides, no yoga DVD routines, no long walks etc. I need to get back on the fitness wagon again, especially if I am going to do this bike event. Eeek!
  • I am pleased that Slaves are doing so well lately. A local band that I can be proud of, finally! Well, one of them is from Maidstone, so I am calling them local! We saw them a few years back at the Tunbridge Wells Forum supporting Dinosaur Pile Up and we all agreed that they were much better than the headliners. If you get the opportunity to see them live, do. They are amazing live.
  • I am loving these silly scissors that I got in TK Maxx for £2.99. Pointless – Yes. But they make me smile and make chopping herbs more fun!
  • I got carried away and bought this gadget which I am probably not going to use. It was only £4.98 in Morrisons! I do love a bargain! I am planning to get back into making smoothies again to increase our fruit and vegetable intake. And they will include healthy homemade yogurt in them (I hope). Unfortunately I think my blender is on its way out, as it has a funny burning smell when I use it, so I am saving my pennies up for a Nutribullet! Welp, if its good enough for K-Middy, then its good enough for me!yogurt maker
  • I have been having these funny urges again….the urge to be creative! Oh dear! It happens around this time every year. One year it was crocheting (I got as far as buying a magazine with a free kit in it, which went to the charity shop a year later), one year it was sketching, one year it was quilt making (influenced by a friend who sews amazing quilts as a hobby) plus knitting, photography and evening classes in pottery have all been considered over the years! This year I have been over influenced by the WWW (yet again) and have a hankering to either weave something, macrame something or craft a plant pot out of concrete! Oh dear! Do not watch this space. I will not be acting on my urges. I know my limits, and me and crafts do not mix. The world already has enough bad crafts in it without my contribution!
  • I have also been experiencing some other funny feelings lately. Like the feeling that I want to set a lovely table with nice things on it and invite people over for dinner parties. I must be getting old! Its so sad, but I have been daydreaming about nice napkins and teak Danish candle holders. What is happening to me?!!? The reality will be me giving my guests food poisoning (I still haven’t recovered from the embarrassment of serving guests raw chicken – don’t ask!) and me not being the hostess with the mostess, but getting drunk and swearing too much and knocking down the candles and setting something on fire!
  • Acting on my greedy wants for stuff I don’t need, I bought these Scandi influenced napkins from Asda for £3 (aren’t I posh with fabric napkins, eh!) and the yellow tray that I had been admiring in Wilko’s below as it was reduced from £7 to £4 (well it would be rude not to). I am rubbish at this living a clutter free life lark.table crap
  • Good news, the campervan passed its MOT! It is our only car, in case you were wondering. The Beetle has been declared off the road for a while now and is Rob’s next restoration project. It seems that I will always have a rusty old project parked on my driveway a’la Shameless style!
  • The other day I was thinking about the blogs that I read. I follow a few foodie ones and lots of vintage, mid century and design blogs. But the majority of my Feedly feed is written by thirty-something British women. Talking of which, here is my most recent favourite discovery.

Slow Cooking Sunday – Squash, Sweet Potato and Harissa Soup

Before I start this post, I would like to say that I am available to hire for food styling and food photography. Look at my mad skillz below! So much effort with the sprig of parsley, eh!

Wow, its been a while since I last posted a slow cooker recipe. I still use my slow cooker regularly, I just don’t bother to photograph and blog the meals. Plus most meals are unphotogenic slop.

I bought this book for cheaps recently, and it has some great soup recipes in it. Here is my recipe for a tasty soup which I have slightly adapted from a recipe published in it.soupySquash, Sweet Potato and Harissa Soup

1 chopped onion
1 chopped stick of celery
2 crushed cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1-2 teaspoons of harissa paste (depending on how spicy you like things!)
Around half a large squash
2-3 sweet potatoes
1 chopped carrot
700ml-1 litre vegetable stock (I used boullion powder)

Put all the ingredients into your slow cooker. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 4-5 hours.
Once cooked blend with a hand blender until smooth and serve.
Serves 4-6
soupy soupy

Chocolate Weetabix Slice

Once upon a time, back in the noughties, there was a young (ish) girl called Helen, who once she had her kitchen decorated, started to discover the joys of cooking and baking and she (finally) came over all domesticated. She started to buy and collect recipe books, read food blogs, and she collected lots of recipes that she had torn out of magazines and printed off the internet.

Fast forward six years later to January 2014, where Helen finally got around to making one of the recipes she had printed and had stuck into her (still) unfinished craft project of a homemade recipe book.

She made a recipe she printed from the internet that she thought sounded intriguing. It was for a chocolate, cakey, slicey type thing with Weetabix™ as an ingredient. Helen did not know what to expect when she made this slice, but when she made it she was so pleasantly surprised that she decided to blog about it!weety sliceRight, thats enough heartwarming story telling. Im going to stop blogging about myself in third person and talk straight.

Its hard to describe the taste and texture of this slice, but I would say its somewhere between a  chocolate Hobnob biscuit and a rocky road slice. Plus this is so easy and fun to make (I enjoyed the crushing the Weetabix part! I am easily entertained!) Go on, give it a go, its a good way to have your Weetabix!!

I have made this tray bake twice now and both times Rob and I have practically inhaled it. I have tried and tried to find the original link for this post, but with no luck. All I know is that it was from an Australian site back in 2008 and if you Google for similar recipes, they all seem to be from down under. Scrap that, I found it! I have posted the original recipe on here with a couple of small changes.

weety 2Ingredients
60g dark chocolate
110g butter
1 tablespoon (20ml) golden syrup
3 Weetabix (about 48g total)
100g (1 cup plus 2 tablespoons) desiccated coconut
110g (1/2 cup, firmly packed) dark brown sugar
75g (1/2 cup) plain flour
75g (1/2 cup) self-raising flour

Chocolate Icing
140g (1 cup) icing sugar
10g (1 tablespoon) cocoa powder
5g (1 teaspoon) butter, softened
1 1/4 to 1 1/2 tablespoons milk
6g (1 tablespoon) desiccated coconut, for sprinkling on top of slice

In a small saucepan, melt the chocolate, golden syrup and butter together over a low heat, stirring frequently. When melted, remove from heat.

In a bowl crush the Weetabix by breaking them up with your fingers, add the coconut, brown sugar and flours and stir until combined.

Add the chocolate mixture and mix well. Firmly press the mixture into a slice baking tray lined with baking parchment using the back of a spoon and brute force.

Bake slice for 15 minutes in a preheated oven at 180º.

Next make the chocolate icing while slice is baking.

Remove from oven and cool for one minute before spreading with icing. Sprinkle with extra tablespoon of coconut.

Allow slice to cool to room temperature before cutting into pieces to serve. Store slice in an airtight container. Suitable to freeze.

Chocolate Icing
Sift icing sugar and cocoa together into a medium bowl. Add butter and milk and stir until smooth. The icing should be quite thick at this stage; however, it will spread easily when placed on the hot slice. This part is a bit tricky, but persevere. If you want to skip this part thats fine. The first time I made this I did not bother with the icing. It does not add much, it only makes it a bit sweeter really, if thats your thing.