Five Years Of Blogging!

Back in 2012, I decided to start a blog for something to do while I was briefly unemployed.

I never guessed that I would stick at it for this long!

As a fan of blogs, I wanted to have a go myself, writing about baking, music, vintage and decorating our house. I also wanted to improve my IT skills.

Fast forward to half a decade later and my improved IT skills are minimal!

Most of those subjects have fallen by the way side now, and my blog has evolved into a personal online diary of sorts. But its been nice to record my memories.

And five years on, once again, I am currently unemployed! Oops!…..Although I am calling this period of being out of work my “extended maternity leave”!

Thanks to everyone who has read my crappy lil’ blog and commented on here. I never set out to gain readers or any financial gains etc (although some extra £££’s would be nice!!!), but it has been a lovely, positive perk. If I could, I would buy you all a drink, but instead I will rise my tepid mug of tea to you all and say clink-clink, cheers me dears!!!

Some Things That (I Hope) I Will And Will Not Do

So I said in one of my recent posts that I am not planning on becoming a Mummy blogger anytime soon.

And while out there in the blogosphere there are some really great family/parenting/lifestyle type blogs, there are a few (in particular a couple of the bigger American family blogs that spring to my mind) that slightly concern me about how the parents of the, admittedly very cute hipster kids, pimp out their offspring to advertise products and earn a living. Sometimes I just want to scream at them “DID NOBODY LEARN ANYTHING FROM MACAULAY CULKIN???!!!???!!” And then sometimes I find myself clicking on the links within the blog post! Hey, I am not immune to a good bit marketing, Im only human!!!

Anyhoo, in honour of one of my favourite family/parenting/lifestyle blogs Mother of All Lists (please click on the link and have a gander, its a great blog that has something for everyone, kids in your life or not!) I thought that I would write a (over opinionated and rather ranty!) post about what I hope that I will and will not do when I become a parent, both online and in everyday life.

….And so that you can all laugh at my naivety and remind me how I am a hypocrite and have completely contradicted myself in a few months time!!!!

  • I am not going to put any photos of the kid on my blog. Sorry about that. I will probably put one or two up when he is born to announce it, but that will be it. This is my personal blog about my life in general and thoughts and feelings etc. So I will stick to writing about the usual mundane stuff like decorating the house, days out and camping trips (if we manage to have any that is!) etc, rather than mundane baby stuff like sleepless nights, weaning and potty training etc. If I find the time to keep blogging of course.
  • The same goes for social media. Rob and I have agreed that we want to respect the kids privacy and we will only share his photos online with our family directly through Whatsapp, a private shared iPhoto album and personal emails. Plus I really hope that I do not post statuses moaning about sleepless nights and all the rest on Facebook! But who knows what my hormones and extreme tiredness will drive me to?!!!
  • I hope that I do not become a baby bore who talks about nothing but their kid. We all know that person. Even after politely listening to the latest news about the sprog, when you try to change the subject and get them to talk about themselves, they somehow always turn the conversation back to junior, bless ’em! BTW I totally did this when we first got the cat. I didn’t realise that I was boring people going on about her all the time!
  • I am not going to neglect my cat. She is still my little baby. Be it a 10 year old black and white, slightly chubby, totally spoilt, furry one who poops herself occasionally, pukes on the floor, has fishy breath, whinges a lot, cries to be fed on demand and needs to be cuddled to sleep all the time!
  • I am not going to call myself mamabear, wear a mother of dragons t-shirt or change my Instagram profile name to “*****’smummy” (whatever we decide to call him, still not made up our minds yet!)
  • I am not going to allow my house to be taken over by toys and kid clutter. Please do feel free to laugh at my naivety here!!! I just really hope that our lounge does not turn into something looking like a soft play area. I have loads of empty storage space in the lounge Ladderax unit for any future Lego, games and craft supplies etc. But who knows who will win the battle against the influx of plastic crap entering the house!
  • I hope that I will not become one of these “holier than thou” types who thinks that they are a more compassionate, understanding person just because they are a parent. True story – one time Rob and I were sitting in the pub next to a friend of a friend of a friend, who asked if we had any kids, then started going on about how wonderful parenthood is and how much having kids makes you a better person. I had to bite my tongue and hold back while he waffled on and on about how selfless and wonderful he was. What a dick!!! In fact, at one point I did actually say to him “so you are telling me that I am selfish because I don’t have kids” but it seemed to go over his head. Surely common sense tells you that not everybody has a choice in these matters and there are plenty of terrible, evil people out there who also happen to be parents? Grrrrrr, what a dick!!!!!!!!!
  • I hope that I do not say to other first time expectant mums or couples, the one cliche that everyone has told us that “our lives are going to completely change”! For some reason this perfectly innocent, meant well statement has grated me a bit during my pregnancy. I think its because its so obvious. And your lives also change with other major life events – like when you break up with someone, lose a loved one, get made redundant or change your job and move house etc, but no one seems to say it to you then. On a personal level, I have sometimes wanted to tell people “yeah, well so does having a miscarriage (*change your life that is*). It makes you appreciate that you cannot predict anything in life, that life is short and you need to be thankful for what you have”. But I am too polite to say so and I do not want to make people feel uncomfortable!
  • I also hope that I will not tell child free couples when they see my future babe that they “will be next”! As if just by looking at my child it will magically cure their infertility or make them change their minds about their personal choices in life!!!
  • I hope that I can bring my boy up to be a feminist.
  • I hope that if he does like Disney’s Frozen that I can support his interest and will not have a near nervous breakdown after hearing Let it Go for the millionth time! Gah, I hate that effing song so much!!!
  • I will not be a miserable cow about Xmas anymore and will try to make their childhood memories of the festive period good ones! Bring on the Elf on a shelf, tinsel and turkey!!!
  • And I hope that this will be my last personal/thought dump type of post on here about the kid. But who knows?!!!

Good News Everybody!

As I suspected, my last post, the Q&A, did not get great feedback. My main encourager, proof reader, supporter and reader of this blog (thats Rob in case you were wondering!) described my last post as “boring as f**k!”

Ah well, haters gonna hate and all that!

But I have removed it anyway. Because it was dull as dishwater. And Im going to get back to my usual high standard, multiple award winning style of blogging and talk about the small mundane, random bits of my life once again.

So just in case anyone is interested – I’ve had a bit of luck recently. I have won not one, but two competitions!

The first win was a bag of Celebration™ sweets in the works Xmas raffle. I know that’s not very exciting to many people, but I was happy. And excited enough to Instagram the moment (yep, I am that sad!)

I didn’t win the top prize of a 32″ flat screen TV, but I don’t need a new telly. However, I always need more chocolate in my life! (And fortunately, I did not win the bottle of chinzano™, because no one likes the stuff. Or the bottle of Lambrini™ either, thank goodness!)

So there I was, happy with a bag of chocolates, when I got an email from Sarah that I had won part of a giveaway on her blog!

Two wins in one week, eh! And they say that things always happen in threes……… so it might be time for me to go and buy a lottery ticket, eh! If I suddenly disappear from here, and my Instagram feed starts getting all a bit ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram‘ you’ll know why!!!winningI chose this book from Elly Blue in the giveaway, because (re)learning to ride my bike again this year, has helped me deal with a few personal issues and kept me in a good headspace (well most of the time anyway, like most people I have my moments ha ha!) But I really fancy reading the feminist bicycle science fiction (now that’s a bit of a niche there!) book Pedal Zombies also by Elly Blue which you can buy from the Portland based company or on Amazon if you want.

Mid Century Down Under

If you have read this blog before you will know that I am a huge mid century modern fan. And indeed, it seems that everybody and their dog is also a MCM fan these days!

I mean, what’s not to like with the clean lines, the elegant style and the post war optimism of the furnishings and architecture from the period? Yes please, I say! I just want to fill my house with some of that goodness, read every book I can find on the subject, ogle MCM pictures on Pinterest and hope to find some decent West German pottery priced less than £19.95 in my local charity shops (I mean come on! Seriously, how much?)

So now that MCM is a mainstream thing, its safe to say that everyone has heard of most of the American architects/designers from the period like your Eames, Bertoia and Nelson. And I think that most enthusiasts have also heard of the big European players like Jacobsen, Wegner, and the Days etc. Plus we can all tell the difference between our vintage Ercol and G Plan pieces.

…..But what about designers and architects from Australia? Can you name any of them? I couldn’t until recently!

Thanks to Instagram a whole new world of MCM goodness has been introduced to me in the last few years!

Because Australia had a booming economy in the 50’s and 60’s with the influx of new immigrants to the country and because importing furniture from America and Europe was so expensive, they designed and made their own furniture (and Pyrex!) instead!

Today I am just going to introduce a few of the designers, manufacturers and architects as I am far from an expert on the subject (or anything else really) and I still have lots to research and learn about Australian MCM. As an enthusiast its good to see that lots of bloggers and Instagrammers down under appreciate their beautiful MCM buildings and objects and want to preserve their rich heritage in todays throw away society.

Grant Featherston is probably one of the most famous names from the period. His contour series and R160 lounge chair pictured below are probably his most famous work.

Image from Click on image for link.

Image from Click on image for link.

Harry Seidler is one of Australia’s best know architects from the period. The Rose Seidler house in Sydney is a masterpiece (IMO) that I would love to visit. If only I could stomach the flying part to get to Australia that is!rose6rose4

Images from Photography by Darren Bradley.

Images from Photography by Darren Bradley.

Parker Furniture was a furniture manufacturer of rather nice teak sideboards, dining tables, dining chairs and other pieces. Check out the hashtag on Instagram!

Image from click on image for link.

Image from click on image for link.

And Some further reading for you if you want to find out more on the subject – I recommend Retro by Adrian Franklin and Iconic Australian Houses 50/60/70 by Karen McCartney.

My Aussie MCM books

My Aussie MCM books

From inside Retro some Australian designed and manufactured furniture goodness.

Inside Retro – some Australian designed and manufactured furniture.

Do You Like Bikes and Blogs? Then You Will Love These Links

Because my last post was a bit of a grumble about how I am sick of reading about ‘slow living‘ all the time (which I should have just said outright instead of ranting on as per usual! And, surely ‘slow’ is just blogland’s new trendy bandwagon word for procrastination, eh?!!), I now feel its time to redeem myself and balance out my internet karma by putting a little bit of love back out there.

I love blogs, I honestly do. They are the reason why I have an internet addiction, why I don’t buy magazines anymore and why my book reading productivity is at an all time low! I relax by sipping a cup of tea and working my way through my Feedly feed. I still enjoy blogging as a hobby too. I wish I had more time for it and I could make my blog better, both in appearance and content (plus I hate the name of it!) but I am far too lazy to up my blogging game. Maybe its because of all the slow living I do…..!

Anyhoo, I have discovered some brilliant blogs this year and I want to share them on here.

It just so happens that they all are blogs about cycling and written by thirty something women, but please don’t let that put you off!

I fully appreciate that not everyone is sporty or interested in cycling (TBH this time last year, I wasn’t either!) but if you give them a chance and click on the links, I promise you wont regret it. Some of these blogs are so thoughtfully and intelligently written (like Tour de Lindsey B!), that I want to approach random strangers in the street and tell them that they have got to read them!

BTW I have not done so yet. But I may well do if I am lubricated enough. Take this as a warning random strangers on the streets of Maidstone!

So if you like blogs that are positive, fun, stylish, well written and also sometimes inspire you to get your feminist ranty pants out of the wardrobe and wear them with pride (as cycling is traditionally a bit of a boys thing) then do click on the links below!

Total Womens Cycling – Technically not a blog, but an online magazine covering everything you need to know about cycling what ever skill level and interest you have. Even if you are not at all into cycling and you are just a total woman, then you should still read it anyway. Check out the lifestyle section, or this post, or this post to get them ranty pants on.

Velocity Girl – I love this blog. Its a fashion/cycling/lifestyle blog. What more could you want?

Lovely Bicycle – Lovely photography, writing, knitting, countryside and lovely bicycles(!) from Northern Ireland.

Bikes-N-Stuff – Juliette is passionate about female cycling and an all round awesome bird. Check out her about page for starters.

Tour de Linsay B – My current favourite. Read it.

I do have plenty more recommendations (I currently have 18 blogs filed in my Cycling section in Feedly!) but I have left them off here for various reasons like they are a bit more specialist, made up entirely of sponsored content or not really updated anymore.

And because I am blogging slow of course!*

*Ok, I will shut up now!

See also – Do You Like Pyrex? Then You Will Love These links & Do You Like Mid Century Modern? Then You Will Love These links.

A Teeny Tiny Rant!

Hello! I am afraid this is yet another post from a blogger making excuses about why they have not been blogging recently. Im afraid its all down to that old chestnut – life getting in the way again!

Im working loads ATM, and I seem to have no energy. I don’t know if its because of the dark nights and colder weather, but I just want to sleep all the time! I can manage to do the bare essentials like go to work and feed Rob and I (and the cat of course), but anything else like clean the house, blog, comment on other peoples blogs has fallen by the wayside!

Whats worse is that I have started to become a little cynical about blogs and Instagram in general. We all know deep down that they are not real life, and are highly edited, but I think that I have finally run out of patience with it all. I have my favourites, but all the rest just seem to copy each other and are so staged its like they have nothing genuine to say anymore. Plus I am starting to find a lot of the lifestyle advise/self appointed expert type blogs a bit preachy!

Oh dear! I was starting to think that I had outgrown blogs and blogging, and that I was too old and boring for all that stuff. But then yesterday I came home from work with a Kinder Egg each as a treat for Rob and I, all because they had Minion toys inside! So maybe I am not quite as mature as I think I am!!

On the flip side I have found some amazing blogs recently, so my love for blogs and blogging is still going strong. And I will continue to blog, even if my posts are sporadic and no one reads them!

Anyway thats my little rant over with there. I have got things off my chest now! Phew!

What have I been up to recently I here you ask? Well Rob and I have been doing lots of talking recently and we are going to make some big changes soon. No, we are not separating, having a kid, getting a dog, building a conservatory or changing our images and becoming steam punks! Nope, we are hoping to move house in 2016!

Its time for a change, although we love our house and we are so close to getting it finished, we both want to improve our lives by living in an area that offers us more of what we want – like spectacular walks, bike rides and better camping options. We have found an area that offers us this, but is not too rural that it freaks out the 100% town girl born and bred in me, as it has all the high street shops, supermarkets and out of town retail parks which I hate going to, but I am far too conditioned in living with them close by, so I need them really. Plus I will need another crappy, minimum wage retail job that deadens my soul in one of these places.

Anyway, I don’t want to jinx things by saying too much in case it doesn’t happen! But watch this space……

Recent Favourites #1

Because sharing is caring!

Who knows, I might even make this a semi-regular feature on here?

Favourite new blog findThe Only Place. Lots of camping trips and beautiful photos on this blog. Right up my street then.

Favourite funniest new blog findLove is a 4 Letter Turd. Makes me wish I that was younger and still enjoying my partying days yet at the same time glad that I am older and that my partying days are behind me!

Favourite food blogBudget Bytes. I keep pinning loads of recipes to try from this site. Lots of cheap and easy recipes. Right up my street then, again!

Favourite food right now – Alternative brownies. No not those* type of brownies! I am all about the gluten-free/flourless/paleo/sugar-free/dairy-free/vegan type of brownie that Pinterest and Mom bloggers adore. And if they contain some courgette, black beans, greek yogurt, apple sauce, almond butter, coconut oil, bananas, avocado or all of the above, then all the better for it! I am enjoying baking a few new recipes right now. And I can kid myself that these brownies are healthy(ish) right?

Favourite random blog postThis one that I read on a link from Elise and Life. I nodded my head to every single thing on the list. I often think that my life is dull (don’t we all? Im fine with my life though, I don’t like too much drama and excitement!) and is it worth blogging about? After all, I resorted to writing about random road kill in my last post. I was really scrapping the barrel there with what to blog about! I didn’t think it was possible, but I think I have reached a new low point in blogging! Go me!

Favourite random new word – Patina. I just love the sound of it. And yes, I have only recently learnt what it means! I am trying to drop this word into as many conversations as I can right now. Unfortunately, I don’t tend to talk about church roofs that much. Damn.

Favourite random fact – Did you know that feral cats hardly ever meow, and that domestic cats have developed a way of communicating with their owners? (See point 4) Who knows, maybe one day they will evolve to learn a few words? Our cat Poppy never shuts up, and sounds like she is meowing “hello” whenever she walks into a room that we are in! I must try to film her doing so.

Favourite cat video at the moment – Because see above. ↑

*Rhymes with mash!

Another Quick Camping Trip

The other day I thought about setting up a new blog chronicling my cycling adventures. The perfect domain name for me – Helonwheels is available (please no one buy it now that I have mentioned it!) But then I remembered that writing one blog is a lot of effort, let alone two!

I would totally be up for reading a blog with content about things like this weekend just gone where Rob and I took off in our van, camped for the night and rode a local trail together. In this fantasy blog you would expect beautiful photos, expert local knowledge and well written content that makes you feel like you were part of the experience. And maybe even induce a teeny-weeny bit of lifestyle envy like some blogs can…..

But this is me that we are talking about here. I am far too much of an honest, open person to write a blog like that! This is my real life/reality in a nutshell – I had to beg my boss to not rota me in this weekend (and ended up having a bit of a row with her about it) as I am currently working both Saturday and Sundays (ugh, as fun as it sounds), we were running behind trying to get away for our trip and ended up getting to the campsite at around 3pm, we bickered all the way there and had our version of a PDA (a public display of arguing) in a cafe before both of us finally chilled out (we are a normal couple – we row and get on each others nerves. I am not going to sugarcoat it!) when we got to our destination after taking a few detours as we always manage to miss our turning!

Still, we managed to squeeze another camping trip into this summer, even if we had to rush back for me to get to work at midday on Sunday! That is always a positive, and I managed to cycle around 31 miles in total which I am pleased with.

I want to keep my fitness and stamina levels up and I hope to take part in a longer distance cycle event next year, maybe 40-50 miles? Outings like this are a great way to continue my training, see parts of the country that I haven’t seen before and get some camping in before Autumn gets here and the temperatures drop.

Another major reason to scrap my idea for a second blog is that we didn’t manage to take any decent photos! We were far too busy riding and enjoying ourselves and who wants to lug around a massive DSLR on a bike ride? We just used our mobiles to take some grainy point and shoot amateur snaps. I much prefer to enjoy the moment rather than stage photo opportunities for my blog!

We camped at a site in St Nicholas at Wade in Kent for one night and rode out to Reculver, then along the Thanet coastal promenades (dismounting in the no cycle zones of course, because we are considerate cyclists!), stopping at a pub outside Broadstairs, past a (fake) Viking ship, then back inland through some pretty villages following the national cycle route 15. This route was 50% off road and 50% on road. I am getting a little braver with my riding on the roads, but it is still something I am not hugely fond of.

Inevitably while riding down quiet country lanes, you cannot avoid passing road kill. Its not pretty and something that you try not to look at. However, on our way to Reculver, and quite inland, we saw the strangest ever road kill – a massive fish! Rob said that it serves it right for not looking (he was joking BTW, for those who are sensitive about these things!), but the mind boggles! I guess it must have fell off the back of a lorry or something.

Apparently all the way around my back brake was squeaking. Rob said he kept hearing a funny sound from my bike and it looked like I was riding on my brakes all the time. I wasn’t, although I don’t like going to fast downhills, I do tend to brake all the way down them as I am a chicken! I did hear a funny noise, but I thought that it was the birds chirping for the whole 30 odd miles! Rob found my mistake amusing, for some reason, but he might not be laughing when he gets covered in grease fixing my brakes!

Here is my obligatory screen shot from my Strava account and a couple of mobile snaps of the pair of us looking terrible in lycra! You will see why I do not put any photos of myself up on here! I hate having my photo taken, smile awkwardly and stand funny! Plus spot the huge scar on my leg from when I fell off my bike racing my nephew back in May – my Pretty Polly/Venus razor modelling days are over now for sure!

I forgot to set my Garmin at the beginning!

I forgot to set my Garmin at the beginning!

Look at the boat rather than sweaty, red faced me!

Please look at the boat rather than sweaty, red faced me!

A beer garden with a sea view. Lots of jelly beans and water were consumed here!

A beer garden with a sea view. Lots of jelly beans and water were consumed here!

Lately #15

Here is what I have been up to lately –

We went camping again for another one night quickie trip. This time was with my sister, her family and my parents who stayed in a glamping pod as my Mother refuses to camp. And we remembered to take our towels this time! We stayed near Stonegate in East Sussex in a lovely little campsite that was for Camping and Caravanning club members only. Oops! I did not realise that small detail when I booked it, and I felt really guilty and like a fraud when I filled in our details in the paperwork when we got there! Ah well, hopefully, they will never check us out!!

My one and only snap of our break

My one and only snap of our break

Spotting some knock off Pyrex Cinderella bowls in TK Maxx. I could not believe my eyes when I saw these amongst the official Pyrex! I cannot remember the manufacturer of them, but needless to say, they were made in China, the land of cheap counterfeit goodies!

Apologies for the terrible mobile snap. I am due an upgrade!

Apologies for the terrible quality mobile snap. I am due an upgrade soon!

Washing my hair with Dr Bronners. I would love give low poo or no poo a go, but my hair is quite fine and greasy, so I always cave in and reach for my bottle of SLS and paraban free shampoo. Recently, I found some Dr Bronners at a discounted price in my local TK Maxx store, and I love it! Its great as a shower gel too. You only need a few drops as it foams up loads so a bottle will last for ages. I love all the hippy stuff about it, like that its not tested on animals, vegan and completely biodegradable. It also opens up lots of homemade cleaning solution options, but to be honest I will probably just stick to using Wilko’s cheap ready made white vinegar and liquid soda crystal solution to keep things cheap and easy!

Eating homemade lollies to survive the heat. I made the simplest of simple homemade lollies by just juicing a bowl of oranges and pouring the juice into my moulds and freezing them. Its a refreshing (if a little sticky) treat full of vitamin C and much nicer than the sugary alternatives in the supermarkets. And so simple! I cannot believe that I did not think of doing this before! Disclaimer – this was not my good idea. I saw it on someones blog!

Hand model I aint!

Hand model I aint!

Acquiring a new blog obsession. Like I need another, eh! But now, alongside my usual lifestyle, 30 something British lifestyle, mid century modern, vintage, food, frugal and Pyrex blog collections in my Feedly feed (I love saying Feedly feed BTW!) I now have a new category – Cycling and fitness blogs! I guess a lot of people might think that reading these kind of blogs would make you feel inferior because you never work out and feel like a fat bastard because you prefer to eat cake to kale (or is that just me that I am talking about here?) but I must be immune to all that stuff, because I find them really positive and inspiring! I am so pleased with my new blog discoveries that I might write up a little completion of them in a post on here soon. So many blogs about so many women being happy and enjoying life, it would be rude not to share the blog love!

We had our new flooring fitted yesterday. I am so pleased with it! We are nowhere near finished with the decorating yet, but I have shared a little sneak peek of the progress so far below. We replaced the crappy laminate that we inherited in the hallway when we moved in 5 years ago, along with the kitchen flooring and the carpet in the dining room. Whats that I hear? Didn’t you just put in new carpet in the dining room and vinyl down in the kitchen not that long ago? Yes, we did, but from the minute we laid down the kitchen flooring, I hated it. It was too dark and ridiculously hard to keep clean. I put up with it for three years (yes it really is three years since we decorated the kitchen!) Finally, we sucked it up and accepted that we made a bad choice with the flooring (or rather I convinced Rob to change it) and we set about fixing it. Next came a few stressful window shopping trips around flooring places. Agh! Too many options! Too many colours! Too expensive! But eventually, I decided that I wanted pale, neutral coloured flooring, and we found some we both liked in the first shop we looked around!
Regarding the carpet in the dining room, it is being relocated upstairs to the smaller spare bedroom. We found that the dining chairs were slowly ruining it with their pointy feet, and laminate is much more practical for times like when the cat throws up in there (she always chooses that room for some reason) and when I am feeding my nephews etc (they are messy little rascals, believe me!). Plus Rob needs a bib when he eats sometimes too.

Top row - the concrete floors hath returned! Bottom row - a little look at the progress we have made. It also needs cleaning FML!

Top row – the concrete floors hath returned!
Bottom row – a little look at the progress we have made. It also needs cleaning ATM!

Do You Like Pyrex? Then You Will Love These Links!

Hot on the heels of my ‘Do You Like Mid Century Modern?‘ round up two years ago, its time to do a little round up of Pyrex blogs and websites.Pyrex 1

That Retro Piece – A great resource site for JAJ (British) and Agee Crown (Australian Pyrex) patterns.

Hot For Pyrex – Another great site about your favourite vintage glass casserole bowls. Mostly about American Pyrex, but also has a great section on JAJ and Agee patterns etc.

Pyrex Love – A blog which is no longer updated (sob). But has a great Pattern Reference page and articles. Did you know that in 2007 Britain stopped making Pyrex up in Sunderland?

Check out the info pages on Pyrex on In Color Order!

And Corelle Corner! Which has a great list of all the American patterns.

The Pyrex Collective I – A blog mostly about American Pyrex written by various Pyrex enthusiasts around the world.

The Pyrex Collective II – More of the same goodness.

The Pyrex Collective III – Ditto.

The Pyrex Collective IIV – And again. Of course I follow all four collectives on Feedly!

Flickr is a great resource for images and information written by enthusiasts in various groups.

Pinterest is also another way to lose a few hours looking at pretty pictures of Pyrex. Here is my board!pyrex mugs 4

And finally, a few links to other bloggers who are Pyrex enthusiasts, and some random blog posts all about about my favourite vintage obsession  –

What Do You Make of My Cake – Jo bakes wonderful cakes, sews her own amazing clothes, is the proud owner of a milk glass cake stand, collects Utility China and loves Pyrex. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of her blog!

Pyrex Adventures – A blog about (you guessed it) Pyrex, quilts and other vintage pretty stuff.

I love this post on Pyrex and other milk glass by Southern Plate. I check for part 2 every few months or so, but no joy. I am eagerly waiting to see more of this ladies collection!

A sweet little round up on why vintage Pyrex appeals to so many from The Vintage Knitter. Those two books have been on my wishlist for so long!