The New House – The Bathroom

I only have two more rooms left to show you in the new house! Today I will do a quick tour around the bathroom and at some point soon(ish) I will share the second bedroom on here.

Then after that I haven’t got a clue what to blog about! Oh dear!

Anyway, I will spare you all my usual excuses about my bad mobile phone photos and get straight down to business describing the bathroom that we inherited with our new house and our future plans for it.

IMG_3130IMG_3131IMG_2388As you can see, we were lucky with our new house that the bathroom was in decent shape and in good order with a new(ish) white bathroom suite (thank goodness for that! no putting up with yucky 80’s beigey-yellow shell shaped sainitary ware and messing around putting in a new suite here!), simple plain rectangular white tiles from floor to ceiling and a nice internal door with a working lock on it!

Whoop! In our last house I hated the interior doors and we had no lock on our bathroom door, something that always seemed to bother our house guests for some reason.

So all that we are going to do in this room is give it a little TLC and tart it up a little.

In fact we have already started doing so!

What we are doing is removing one of the blinds (the blue plastic Venetian one in the photo above. Who knows why the previous owner felt the need to have two blinds on the window?) and repairing the damage from removing it with some spare tiles that were left behind in the garage. We are also replacing a cracked tile near the loo, building a tall, narrow cabinet to store our toiletries and cleaning products, replacing the piece of wood in the photo below that has the shower screen fixed on it with a plastic fixture as it the wood has stared to rot, changing the shower screen to a folding one so that its easier to climb in and out of the bath, replacing the wooden window sill with a more practical plastic one, changing the bath panel from the pine wooden planks shown below to a simple white plastic panel, and finally, changing the flooring to a nicer coloured lino.

Blimey, now that I have listed our plans, that seems like a hell of a lot of work!

Oh well, it will be worth it in the end!

What A Basket Case

Rob and I have more or less finished decorating our hallway, landing and spare bedroom. We still need to sort out the finishing touches so it will be a while before I post any pictures on here. Plus I am the worlds slowest blogger when it comes to this type of thing. But one thing we do need to sort out ASAP is a new laundry basket or baskets.

The reason I say possibly baskets is that I have a large load washing machine (I think its 8 or 9KGs?) so it takes almost a week before we have enough clothes for a wash.

We currently have two baskets that we bought to match our bathroom in our old house. Although thinking about it, they may have been bought for the house before that? Who knows? Anyway, the point is that we have had them for a long time and they are on their way out and need replacing. Plus they are ugly as hell and I hate them.

I remember when I first moved in with Rob, I was so naive. I insisted that we have separate laundry baskets and that he did his own washing because he did it himself when he lived with his mates, so why should I do his washing for him when we lived together just because I am female! Oh, I was so optimistic! Of course I do all the washing now! But its only fair because I work less hours than him. I guess I have to pull my weight around the house. If I really have to, that is.

Here is a picture of our current laundry baskets in our old bathroom in our Chatham house. They looked alright in this room because they matched the blind and the colour scheme that was based around the beige bathroom suite.old bathroom

But now I want something large enough yet still discreet, contemporary with a classic mid century vibe, breathable and practical. Is that too much to ask? I think so, because all the available laundry baskets out there seem to be either Ali Baba wicker baskets, plastic monstrosities or fabric bags with ‘Dark’, ‘Whites’ or ‘Washing’ etc all wrote on them. Which are really not to my taste.

Here are my faves so far –

Image from

Image from

Image from

Image from

The two above from Ferm Living are nice, but they don’t have lids (so I will be able see and smell Robs sweaty sports gear in it!) and I am not sure they are large enough. I like the patterns though.

Habitat Laundry baskets


Above are two more from Habitat. They are a better option because they have lids. But are they breathable?

Image from

Image from

Which brings me to my current favourite – the bad boy above from John Lewis. It ticks all the boxes but is eye wateringly expensive. And I mean really expensive.

Can I justify spending £60 on a laundry basket???????

Crimbo 2012

So we survived the Mayan apocalypse of 21/12/12, and what do you know, it seems I have finally twigged that Christmas is coming (that sneaky bloody Christmas gave me no warning yet again!)

I have enjoyed seeing other bloggers photo’s of their Xmas decorations, and I wanted to put together my own similar post. But this year for the forth Xmas in a row, we have decided not to bother with the decorations.

Let me explain why, its because we are currently having a major sort out of our loft and have started to rip out stuff and do the prep work to decorate our bedroom. So we are busy doing trips to the tip, selling stuff on Gumtree in our spare time and it just feels like its another chore we could avoid. Plus its so close to Xmas now, it will soon be all over and done with!

We delayed putting the tree up because of the carpets coming two weeks ago, after they were fitted we kinda liked our lounge as it was really, so we did’nt rush to do it. It felt special enough as we had waited two years for them!

Our previous excuses are – in 2009 we had packed up and were expecting to move house (although it turned out we did not move until March’10), in 2010 our house was a disorganised mess following the move, we were still half unpacked and living with the decorating’s dusty chaos. Last year in 2011, I was a bit fed up as I was leaving my job and wasn’t feeling very festive, but Rob did put just the tree up all by himself, to try and cheer me up.

What is festive in our house is xmas1

My Mum bought me it!

My Mum bought me it!

Mum treated me during our trip to Tunbridge Wells on Friday!

Mum treated me during our trip to Tunbridge Wells on Friday, it was in the sale already!

An early Christmas pressie from Mum and Dad!

An early Christmas pressie from Mum and Dad!

All bought for me by my Mum (she's the best!). Dunno why she got the bah humbug one!

All bought for me by my Mum (she’s the best!). Dunno why she got me the bah humbug one!

I did make a Christmas cake. Its the first ever one I have baked (I know, call myself a baker!) I used cutters that my mum lent me and it took me nearly 2 hours to decorate it, but I’m quite proud of it none the less!

Annoyingly it has aquired three small dents.

Annoyingly it has acquired three small dents. It was once perfectly smooth, honest!

Oh and Mum gave me the ribbon for the cake. Did you notice a theme? My parents are two of the most generous, caring people I know, and as well as that, my Mum really tries her best to make me more Christmassy! (She loves this time of year, she even has some Christmas cushion covers!)

I think the less fuss you make about Xmas the more “meh” you get about it as the years go by. Well that’s whats happened to me. Blame it on working in retail since the age of 16. Xmas music send shivers down my spine and gives me nightmarish flashbacks of working in hectic supermarkets and shops!

Next year we will put them up. I did once enjoy doing so when I first moved out of home many years ago. I am trying to force myself to not be too bah humbug, after all no one likes a grump this time of year!

Bah humbug merry Xmas to you all! see you on the other side!