My New Oven

I think this may well be my most boring post ever! Please feel free to skim over it or skip it all together readers. I will not be offended (honest mum!) Who wants to read a blog post on someone choosing an oven? I certainly don’t, but I still feel compelled to write one no less.

Well here we go then. Lets have a brief history of me and ovens first of all. In my first rented house it came with a brand new oven in full working order, but this was during the time in my life when I knew practically nothing about cooking, having previously treated living with my parents like living in a hotel (I knew I had it good, so I did not move out until I was 22!) In fact when I first started cooking for Rob and myself, I served up frozen broccoli thinking I had microwaved it properly – don’t ask me how I managed that one!

Next when we bought our first house the previous owners left behind their cooker for us, which was great as we could not afford to buy one. But it was an ancient gas hob/oven cooker, in which to start up the oven you needed to stick a lit match into a little hole inside to ignite it. This basically scared the living daylights out of me! I had an irrational fear of gas ovens caused by a time when I was in the Girl Guides. When we were doing some cooking badge exercise one of the girls singed the hairs on her arm by lighting this big scary gas oven! Therefore I was mentally scarred after this incident and had a phobia of gas ovens since! BTW – I don’t think I got my badge. I only went to GG’s to talk to my “older” friends who liked CarterUSM, Neds, Wonderstuff etc and have a laugh! Ha stupid pre-teen me was a failed Girl Guide!

So when I saw my “new” oven I actually cried, to which Rob is still seven years on reminding me about and still laughing at me! But I faced the fear and managed to use this oven (which was rubbish as it took ages to do a roast and never crisped up my roast potatoes) for a few years until we were ready to put in our new kitchen. Then my Nan kindly donated us her cooker, a Cresta (now Hotpoint) electric freestanding model as she was moving to a smaller flat.

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I loved my “new” cooker and our new kitchen and I started to enjoy cooking and began baking and loved it. I bought recipe books and tried out new recipes as I loved being in my new beautiful kitchen and having a decent oven to work with.

After a few years it was time to move on to bigger and better things and move up the property ladder. But when we sold our house I could not bear the thought of leaving my beloved cooker behind, plus we could not afford a new one straight away, so much to Rob’s annoyance we went through the hassle of disconnecting it and moving it with us.

In our new and current house we also had a built in filthy single oven left behind by the previous owner. So for a while we stored our cooker inside the outbuilding that used to be the outside loo, to install later as we had gas facilities again and it needed capping etc. So once again I was left with a dodgy secondhand oven which would only work for 20min before dying as it had thermostat issues. Which meant no roasts and I could only bake muffins. It also kept tripping if you had more than one hob on. We had some serious electrical issues in our kitchen/house, which have now been thankfully addressed!

Are you still with me? Are you asleep yet? Sorry I do ramble on! Me thinks I’d better make this a two parter as I did not realise how long I would go on for!

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