Lately #17

Its time for another catch up in handy bullet points!

  • Our house is now up for sale! Email me if you want to see it online and I will send you a link. Or you can just stalk Right Move!
  • Before we had the estate agent round to take the photos for the advertisement, I frantically cleaned the house, and while dusting the bedroom, I noticed that my money plant was looking pretty droopy, so I just prodded it gently and then the bloody thing fell apart! Oh dear, not a good sign on the day that you are putting your house up for sell and relocating!

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  • The estate agent who took our photos said to me that our house is decorated very nice and “its very retro isn’t it!” – Mission accomplished. My work here is done!
  • I do dry January every year and its actually depressingly easy for me to give up alcohol for one month because I am old and boring and hardly drink at all these days, what with all my clean living and all that (ha!) So to up the challenge I try to give up another indulgence for a whole year. Last year it was Nutella (because of the poor baby Orangutans of course) and I have not touched the stuff since Dec ’14 (go me!) Before that it was wine, which I never really enjoyed anyway – give me a G&T or a beer please! This year I am giving up Diet Coke and Pepsi, because its pretty bad for you and I don’t like the manufacturers ethics etc – and so far so good. I now drink fizzy water if I am out for lunch or in a pub during dry January. Its not the same buzz, but much better for me at the end of the day.
  • My Mum and Dads house has sold. It only took about three weeks to do so, and they have found a nice bungalow in Shanklin to move to. Fingers crossed it goes through OK!
  • Its a shame about Bowie’s passing. Did you know that he spent time in my hometown? And apparently not much has changed since the sixties!

2 Thoughts on “Lately #17

  1. Good luck with selling your house! Ha, our money plant crumbled in a similar fashion last week so maybe there’s something in the air that doesn’t agree with them?

    • Helen on 15/01/2016 at 10:59 PM said:

      Thank you! Fingers crossed it goes quickly and smoothly. Last time we moved we had a hell of a time with it and said that we are never ever doing it again!!!

      Good to know that Im not the only money plant killer out there! – I thought that they were supposed to be impossible to kill or something?!!?

      Not that I am superstitious or anything (I totally am BTW), lets just hope that it doesn’t mean that we are now both doomed forever!!!!

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